Saturday, November 22, 2008

Exercise Post

This is not an exciting post. I just wanted to get my exercise out here for the week. It was hard to get to the gym today because I have a friend flying in from out of town and I'm excited! Some friends and I will be hitting the town tonight. Should be a good time. I'm hoping that by posting when I really have nothing to say (ha) that it will get me to the gym again tomorrow. Not sure what I'm doing for Thanksgiving, but if I do end up going somewhere, I want to be able to make some bad food choices with no guilt!

Melanie - Sorry to hear about your port. From what you described, it does sound like it may have flipped. Good to go get it checked out to ensure that the pipe (can't think of the right word) from the port to your band is not at risk. I'm hoping that if it is flipped, it's like mine. If it had to do it, mine is the way to go. Can still get fills, no risk to band, etc. So me getting it fixed is really just my call about the sticking out part (which personally is GROSS!).

I cruised around a bit, but will have to stop by everyone's blogs tomorrow. Hope everyone is having a good weekend!
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  • Tues - 80 mins
  • Wed - 90 mins
  • Thurs - 80 mins
  • Fri - OFF
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