Friday, November 21, 2008

Being "Visible" Rather Than "Invisible"

I didn't realize how invisible I had become to men until recently. I think recognition of this took time as well. Here's my observations:

  • Men talk to me at the gym now. To say hi or whatever.
  • Men open doors for me. The other day one even went back and opened the door for me.
  • Men that I don't know at work smile and say hi to me in the hall.

There are probably other things, but these are the ones that have for some reason stuck out to me. I know men are visual creatures and all that mumbo jumbo, but it makes me sad that I was previously so invisible when I am still the same person, just in a thinner package.

I can honestly say that while I might not be attracted to a heavy man, I still treat them with common courtesy (sorry, opening doors and saying hi in a hallway to me is nothing more than common courtesy). Being fat makes you no less of a person than a skinny one...


MindyNTexas said...

I did not realize how invisible i was to EVERYONE. Even women , they treat you like your not there when your over weight. I too make even more of an effort now to treat over weight people with more courtesy than before.
And OMG IF someone around me makes a "fat" joke or makes fun of something. Well lets just say they know better than to do it now .

Fluffy said...

I guess I haven't noticed a difference in women. Oh wait, that's not true - in the past month I have had two different women at work - that I don't know very well ask me what size clothes I wear! Seriously! What is up with that? I swear they don't think. The other thing that is so weird is that I was only a size bigger than I am for the past year, so what's up now? All very very strange. What did I say? I honestly kinda blew it off. I thought it was rude.

Melanie said...

It's so true what you say about men. Only yesterday I was positively checked out by two guys when I was filling up at the service station - this hasn't happened for about 15 years!! Kinda weird, kinda good. Mel

Bridget said...

I noticed today actually that guys are starting to notice me. One guy said hello to me. Simply hello. Something that I am totally not used to! Hello confidence... i like you!