Tuesday, August 30, 2011

B00Bs 2011 Fun Facts!

How did you pick your blog name?
I can't really remember at this point, but I used to say to my bff that I'm not fat, I'm fluffy. Followed by yes, I am in denial, but I'm not ready to do anything about it...yet.  

When did you start blogging?
October 9, 2005. With this post. I just read it again and boy was I sad.

Theme of blog (weight loss, family, circus clowns, sci-fi, erotica, fly fishing, doll collecting, star wars, etc)
My journey with the lapband...but at this point it's a bit all over the place, but I continue to blog on whatever strikes my fancy to keep some focus and accountability and also in the hopes that it helps document long-term success or *something* of value to other banded people or people considering it. 

Did you go to BOOBs 2010?
Nope, but I saw how much fun everyone had and figured this year, why not? 

When were you banded?
Surgery Date: November 16, 2005  

How much have you lost?
105 lbs 

What are you most looking forward to at BOOBs?
Meeting everyone, my first drink or twenty, hanging out, no deadlines, no commitments, just F-U-N! 

What/who do you hope to find/see/accomplish at BOOBs 2011?
Just to meet as many people as I can and booze it up with the b00bs. (Man, I sound like a lush!)

Children? Pets?
No and a cat. 

Who is your roomie?
Angela @ Repair and Renovation 

What day do you arrive?
Thursday evening. 

What airport/flight/time?
O'hare....um, not sure. I remember seeing something about my flight changing. I better take a look at that.

What events are you signed up for?
Thursday night drag show which I got confused with the Sec0nd City show on Friday, meet-n-greet, and the dinner (Hmmm, did I miss it and I was supposed to pay? If so, please yell at me pronto!) so I'm in for that currently as well. I haven't committed to any of the day time activities as I am just going with the flow. Because I am afraid that I will stay out too late and might even be a tad bit hungover. 

I can't think of anything that I would qualify as a "hobby"----'cause the work makes me think of dedicated stuff like scrap booking, photography, etc. Yep, I'm a loser. : ) 

Single? Married? In a relationship?
Told by husband that at times I still act single (whatever that means), but technically married. Funny tidbit: my husband would say quite frequently "get off my ball sack". Bad call on his part, it is now one of my most favorite things to say to him. Feel free to try it out, the first time I guarantee it will be hilarious (oh, but please tell me about it in Chi!)..... Most likely the reaction will kinda be like this:

Your birthday month?

What do you want other BOOBs to know about you?
I put together this cheat sheet in a blog post with other random crap info. It's not very exciting or very personal, but I'm hoping to remedy the personal part in Chi! I am really looking forward to meeting everyone...you can find me cause I'll be wearing one of these:


Stephanie said...

Can't wait to meet you and yes, the money for the dinner, etc..was due friday, so if you can, please go to the BOOBS blog and pay via the Paypal link on the top right of the page! :)

Maria said...

One of my husband's favorite sayings is "That's balls on ya." Rhymes with lasagna. I don't know what it is about sayings with the word balls in them... they're just fun to say!

Cat said...

OMG!! Are you really wearing that belt? I absolutely love it and it's so perfect for you.

Angela said...

We need to get together before the trip!! Maybe a last minute shopping spree? It would be nice to meet Beth Ann before the trip too. Let me know what you think!

Ronnie said...

HAHA, I'm totally gonna say that now. I'm not sure to whom I'll be saying it, but it will be epic.

Kristin50 said...

Is your hubby in the military by chance....LOL I have heard that once or twice from my own!

It will be fun to meet you! Love the belt!

Laura Belle said...

Man I wish I was going w/ you all to Chi-town! We could be lushes together. People would look at us weird, what's new, but we'd for SURE have a darn good time!!

Read said...

I'm loving on that belt!!!