Monday, August 22, 2011


I was watching a movie with my husband when we heard this huge pop. We both said something about it, but didn't think much of it. Until about 10 minutes later when we both smelled smoke!

We both started running. My husband to the garage to get the fire extinguisher (seriously, twice in ONE weekend?!) and me upstairs to try and locate where the smoke smell was coming from. I assumed it was going to be upstairs again. We could find nussing upstairs, so I ran downstairs and into the kitchen.

Imagine my surprise when I see a pot on the stove to remember that I was boiling a couple eggs for my husband to take for breakfast the next day. Ooopsie! That pop? Yep, exploding eggs. I wish I would have taken a picture of the carnage. It was quite a sight, but I was a little frazzled at the time.
This was definitely my fault, and nope not cause I had too many C0r0nas, I'm just preoccupied and it's getting me into trouble. Amazingly, the pot survived the abuse. Go figure.

In band news: This past weekend was not one of stellar healthy food choices---the balance was definitely off...let's say 75% unhealthy (yikes!). One weekend won't kill me, but it certainly doesn't make me feel good either. I feel fat and bloated. Remember this feeling Fluffy!

It's not so much the crap eating that bothers me. It is that a lot of this eating was mindless and emotional. So, I'm a bit frustrated with myself. I'm not dwelling on it, but I need to recognize that some old behaviors surfaced. *grrrr* Here's to moving on and getting the balance back the other way to more healthy choices to not!


    Laura Belle said...

    I've left eggs too long too before. Not pretty.

    I have been feeling like crap too, from eating all the crap.
    Ya, and my eating was emotional too. And just plain laziness.

    Yeah for balance!! We'll kick butt big time!!

    MandaPanda said...

    Yikes! Exploding eggs!

    Some of my old habits resurfaced last week and I'm none too happy about it either.

    Shannon said...

    lol exploding eggs!
    thats so funny that you brought that up because my husband exploded a soda can in the freezer. total night mare!

    JRD said...

    Hey Fluffy! I hear you about the old habits resurfacing - sometimes all you can do is acknowledge that it happened, and move on. These are habits you've had your whole life...I wish mine would just *poof* All you can do is just move on, which it sounds like you're doing! And I hear you on the eggs...those things are like projectile missles!! Glad it wasn't another fire in your attic...

    Beth Ann said...

    I got me one of those egg boilers. You put in a little water and the eggs and hit start. Makes perfectly boiled eggs every time!

    Glad there was no fire!!

    Melissa W said...

    Last time I boiled eggs we couldn't eat them because they weren't done.....but I followed the directions!! I constantly get crap from the family because I can't hard boil an egg!! I need one of those egg boilers Beth Ann speaks of!! I've never seen them!

    Robyn's Nest said...

    So glad it was not another fire.
    Hey, these old habits did not form overnight and they will not just go away the quick either. At least you see them now.

    Justawallflower said...

    I have totally done that to eggs before! dried the pot right out! Freaked me the heck out, for sure!