Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Truth be told, there are things that I do not like about exercise. *gasp* Yep, I said it. Do Not Like. Weights and intervals are hard. I could half a$$ weights, but why even bother then? Intervals. They suck even more. Nuff said. My slogan is that I'm not built for speed. (And, yes that just smacks of excuse, doesn't it?)

I was thinking a lot about this at camp this morning while I was cussing my way through intervals and thought I'd note down some of my thoughts:
  • Man, I #)(@*#$)($* hate intervals!
  • Evil (hot) Trainer: "Pick it up Fluffy. I know you hate intervals." Fluffy : "Hey, a$$hat, thanks for calling me out in front of 40 people. How about you come over here and let me chase you? Until I catch you and beat you a bit...or a lot"
  • O-M-G! We still aren't done.
  • Excuuuuussseee me? Stair intervals today.&(@#*$&(&# (The stairs are a quarter mile away. Sure, let's just jog right on over!)
  • It's )(@#*$)@#*$ hot.
  • How you liking that crap eating from this past weekend NOW, Fluffy?
  • Evil (hot) Trainer: "Good job Fluffy. I know you hate intervals, but I'm here to make you do stuff you don't like." Fluffy: "Ya, but it doesn't make me want to kill you any less while I'm doing it." (Yep,  told him that. He laughed and knows I'm joking...kinda sorta)
  • Other variations on the same have been said all week and will continue for the remainder. Oh yes, it's intervals all week. 400m sprints anyone? (Oh not to worry. It's "only" 3x400; 3x200; 3x100. #@&*^$*^)
So what keeps me going?
  • No excuses. It's hard for me to come up with a really valid excuse at 5am vs. the plethora I can come up with at other times of the day. Oh ya, I can rationalize day time excuses like a champ!
  • There's crap I just don't like, but I have to do to progress my fitness level. It's just a fact. I bitch, but I just do it (tee hee---n-ike). I focus on the benefits and get over it---while cussing my way through : )
  • Things I do not like, I will not do on my own. I might have good intentions, but I won't push myself the way I do at camp. So I have to find a group activity where it's included and I am forced to do it. 
  • How my body has changed!
So I keep on going and I channel my inner Larry the Cab1e guy and I just git-r-done.


Shannon said...

ugg I tell my trainer constantly that he is evil and he just laughs at me! he thinks I'm joking.

MandaPanda said...

You are such an inspiration! I looked into boot camp and personal trainers and they're so pricey! One of these days I'll just have to suck it up but until then, I'm on my own.

Bec said...

Would love to do boot camp. I need that kind of kick in the a$$ to get me going. Good luck with it you are doing great.

Cat said...

That's exactly the right attitude! Seriously - while I'm on week 2 of Couch to 5K I know that I physically can do the schedule as written I just have to grit my teeth and get'ir done!

Thanks for the inpiration dear.

JRD said...

I once threw a bottle of water at the back of my trainer when she was forcing me up the side of a mountain on a sand hill...I didn't hit her [because I didn't mean to, kinda], and she turned around said "I can take it - just keep hiking up this mountain"...I HATED her at that moment - but I made it to the mountain...somehow. So I feel ya, honey! But good for you for keeping at does pay off in the end!!

Cece said...

It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who has these types of convos in their head :)

Vanessa said...

Love you account of Boot Camp! I have the same conversations in my head at BC! Its so worth the pain...

Ronnie said...

I need someone to have these conversations with, my weight-lifting professor this semester is in seminary school... don't think it would be appropriate for some reason. LOL

Laura Belle said...


But I'm really sorry for your pain.
And the dislike of intervals. They are the devil, but they will transform you body! Yippee! (I know, doesn't matter, you'll still hate them.)

No excuses!! Love it!! Keep up your stellar work!

Beth Ann said...

Another awesome post that feels like you could have plucked it from my brain!

Dawnya said...

You are so motivating. Your post always tell it like it is. You don't want to do it...but you need to do it to keep going.

Thanks for putting it in perspective over and over again.

Stephanie said...

I swear that is like many a conversation I've had with my trainer Heather. :) good for you for sticking with it though!!