Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cause I'm not any less...

Of a shoe whore than the rest of you, I thought I *might* share another site in addition to the one that Stephanie and Draz frequent. First some musings from my shoe closet courtesy of some pretty funny chats with my husband.
  • Husband: So that looks like another pair of black shoes. Fluffy: Yes, they are black, but that's pretty much all they have in common with the rest of my black shoes. These can only be worn with certain outfits just like the other ones can only be worn with certain outfits. Husband: *eye roll*
  • Fluffy: I buy a pair of shoes, but I have to go to an event with the husband (his event) so I figure I can escape unscathed. Husband: I like that outfit. I really like those shoes. I haven't seen those before, have I? Fluffy: Nope, I got them today so I'd look nice to go to your event. Husband: Well, you look really nice. Fluffy inside her head: diabolical bunny tee hee
  • Husband: I just don't understand why you have so many shoes. Look at mine. I have black, brown...or whatever he said after that as I tuned him out.... Fluffy: Well, I have to have shoes in other colors beside black/brown and shoes for the season---like boots and a whole list of reasons if you want me to keep listing them. Husband: No. But don't think that once your shelves fill up that you are moving over to my side of the closet. Fluffy: Don't you worry your pretty little head. (Ya, I whip that one out now and then on him. And, I can always find room for another pair of shoes. The out of season ones either get boxed up and put on a higher shelf to be swapped out or off to donation!)
  • My fall back tactic is to always get pairs that I know he'll like. It's when I get ones that he doesn't that I tend to get on shaky ground. These boots here and here are good examples of success stories. 
  • The ultimate happened this weekend though. We were watching that Adam Sand1er/Jennifer Anist0n movie (can't think of the name, but it was a cute movie) in the movie he takes her shopping. Fluffy: OMG, I looooooovvvee those shoes. Husband: You like those?!....How much were they? Fluffy: $1700 Husband: For ONE pair of shoes?! Fluffy: See, it could be much much worse than it is for you.
Oh yah, the site. It', what was it? Oh, I'm kidding. It's: t i l l y s dot com. Seriously, check it out, but if it causes any marital/partner issues this is my disclaimer that I am not responsible for the number of shoes you are likely going to love and respond out loud,  by yourself, to your computer, "OMG, these shoes are only how much? I must have them!"....this may have happened to me just the other day when I might have purchased a pair. Now, go forth and shoe shop!....are my new shoes here yet?


Cece said...

My theory is: until men start wearing high heels and hosiery, I don't want to hear it :)

Cat said...

How much do I love the tall black boots!!!??!!

And yes, I adore the conversation you have with hubby!! :)

Running off to check the site!

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

4th job - here I come.

Samantha said...

You people have been so BAD for me!

Ronnie said...

Love it!

MandaPanda said...

I'm not a shoe whore but you crack me up!

Laura Belle said...

I just went to the site, and the first words out of my mouth were: uh oh, we're in trouble now.