Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Five W's

 I was thinking how the Five W's pretty much fit my journey - ("Who" doesn't fit). These habits definitely didn't happen over night, and even after nearly six years now and then I stumble, but that's life, right?

What I eat. I focus on making healthy choices most of the time. But I give myself permission, don't beat myself up, etc. to have what I want that I used to tag as "bad" when I want it (Like those PB eggs on Easter). I guess it closely resembles intuitive eating. Whatever it's labeled, it has worked at leveling out for me the eat crap / eat nothing but healthy roller coaster I had been on.

Where I eat. Unless it's a special occasion, I eat at the table with little distraction. I used to always eat in the living room with the TV on. Breaking this habit definitely made me more conscious of what I was eating and how fast I was eating.

When I eat. I do eat on a schedule, but if I'm not hungry at that time, I just don't eat. Um, then I guess you could say I'm not really on a schedule then, couldn't you? : )  but I "check in" with myself at the scheduled times to make sure that I don't get too hungry. "Meals" only last for 20 minutes...well, unless I'm hanging out with friends, etc.

Why I eat. I eat when I'm hungry. I no longer eat just because it's meal time or to stuff my feelings.

How I eat and how much. (I swear there is also a "sometimes 'how'" in this 5 W's wasn't there? )I eat slower, chew more, and don't drink while I'm eating. I also try to stick to my bandster portions at all times. As time goes on, I think it's easy for portion sizes to begin creeping up and I have to stay conscious of this because of my "portion distortion".

So that's my 5 W's...Yep, I'm counting the one in ho"w". : )


MandaPanda said...

Love this list! I think addressing the 5 W's (and an H) of eating not only helps break old habits but build new ones.

Beth Ann said...

Love it! Great "rules" to live by.