Monday, April 18, 2011

Wind, Hail, OH MY!

It's probably just a typical April weather wise, but it seems like every year it just seems "bad". It was really windy all weekend during the day with storms at night. I got the first indication when I found this:

That's one of our zero gravity chairs enjoying a dip in our pool! And, since I don't "do" the pool (husband job), but the chore owner was out of town for the weekend, I had to get it out myself. Thankfully I was able to get it to the edge with the skimmer without having to get in the pool which is still too cold...well, unless you are a polar bear or a penguin.

I am hoping that hail will hit my house. I know strange, but roofs are expensive and don't last as long as they do in other climates! We need a new roof, we pay a lot for insurance, so a bit of hail damage would really help out. (This really isn't a strange wish to have here, really!). Anyway, some of my friends. who unfortunately did not want or need a new roof got MY hail. But check this out:

And those sat around the house for 30 minutes while they were doing a bit more important stuff than taking pictures of the hail! Thankfully while there was damage, none of my friends were hurt.

Weekly Round Up
  • 6 bootcamps
  • 0 runs (0 miles) --- (I just didn't feel like it so I didn't.)
  • Calories: 3561

1 comment:

Beth Ann said...

Holy cow!! That is some HAIL!

On a super happy and positive note, I can finally access your blog from work. I realize that I should be working, but during breaks is when I typically catch up on blog reading. For some reason, I could never access yours and would have to do it from home. And many times, I would forget! BOO! So, now crisis is averted and I can catch you at anytime. YAY!