Friday, April 08, 2011

Dr. Oz & the Band

OK, I didn't see the show, but I've seen the show mentioned on multiple blogs, so I checked out what I could find.

Video Part 1

Meet two women who have had lap-band surgery. Hear about how their relationship with food has changed. Dr. Oz discusses the pros and the cons of life...

Video Part 2

Meet two women who have had lap-band surgery. Hear about how their relationship with food has changed. Dr. Oz discusses the pros and the cons of...

My thoughts:
The amount of food they are eating: The one in the black, I never ate that little. The one in the yellow, that might be more accurate of what I ate when I was too tight.

I think that what has been portrayed for food by these two examples is not reflective of an "average" banded person at 6 months or 6 years. For sake of argument, I am close to 6 years out as well. Here's what I ate yesterday: a blueberry greek yogurt, bagel thin with peanut butter and banana, chicken, an orange, serving mixed steamed veggies, and a homemade fish corn tortilla taco "thing" with fixings. Does this mean that what I eat is "right"? Nope, but it is for me. Maybe what is more accurate is somewhere more in the middle? But I do not think what was shown for the person in yellow is "average".  And, I will say that the one in the black, no way is that reflective of what "should" be eaten 6 months out.

The lady in the audience that said she's addicted to food, it seemed to me that she thinks the band is going to address this addiction. I think that if you are addicted to food that unless the real issues are addressed you will eat around the band to get your "fix". Which Dr. Oz essentially said - it's a tool, minimally invasive, but it doesn't cure the emotional connection to food. He goes on to state that no WLS is going to address the food relationship. Personally, I agree.

Did you see the show or watch the videos here? What do you think?


Justawallflower said...

I watched about four little clippets, and I agree with u. The band is not going to make u wake up and magically cure ur food addictions. I think this is why the psych evaluation is so important. I think these women were not being honest about their diet. The one six months out might eat that way...for a day after a fill!

Fluffy said...

Good point, Justawallflower! I forgot about after a fill, but I'll tell ya - even then I remember have multiple shakes or other mushies to make it through. I am wondering about their honesty as well. Unfortunately, it kinda gives a "freak" feel to the band that I don't like.

Island Bandit said...

I didn't catch the show either, but like you, got the gyst of it from reading about it on multiple blogs.
I am like these women in terms of the amount of food I can consume. i eat next to nothing and am satisfied. Satisfied meaning I'm not hungry. HOWEVER, I have determined that this is NOT a good place to be indefinitely and am thinking about getting in to see my surgeon next week to arrange a slight unfill. I am below my original goal weight... 7lbs from my new goal weight... i think at this stage of the game I can handle a bit more of the heavy lifting if that's necessary. I KNOW I'm not getting in sufficient nutrition and i have NO INTEREST in being skinny and malnourished.

Cat's Chic Chat said...

I didn't see the show either, but I may look it up and see if I can watch it online this weekend.

I think personally that the band is most helpful for people that just had trouble stopping eating. Stress eating and food addiction, not sure it is as helpful. Of course that's just my opinion.

CeeJay said...

The amount of food that the lady in black was eating was ridiculous and gives lapband a bit of an unrealistic light. The one in yellow was much more realisitic.

Island Bandit said...

hey fluffy - i posted this reply to your comment on my blog there and here just in case you are like me and rarely go back to the same comment thread!

Hey Fluffy

even though I mentioned you in my blog, it wasn't you who suggested they were lying. Sorry if I implied that!

I agree with you guys who are questioning WHAT they are eating.... up until now all the comments I'd read were saying they can't possibly eat that little.

Sorry if I confused

Beth Ann said...

I didn't watch it, but I heard about it. What saddens me is the additional "bad information" that has now got out to all these people. I have to combat that junk and I don't like it. I want good info out there and I'm disappointed in Dr. Oz.