Sunday, April 03, 2011

Weekly Round Up

Miscellaneous Items from the Weekend:
  • My husband went to bootcamp with me on Saturday. On Sunday, he was complaining about how sore his butt was - HA! I asked him to massage my butt when I first started bootcamp over a year ago and he thought I had lost my mind at the time, not anymore! (Yes, I did giggle just a little itty bit.)
  • Soft white corn tortilla chicken taco with all the fixins from Chipotle = love. Mmmm, Chipotle.
  • I took the entire week off from running. I liked the break.
  • Some buddies are trying to convince me to run another half a week from TODAY! While my training says I can, I'm just not feeling it. Translation - Don't wanna. But I am *thinking* about doing one in May, August, and December. Uh, excuse me, who the hell am I?
  • Chips with a hint of lime with guacamole = dangerous, but super yummy. From where? Chipotle of course! I hadn't been there in a while and I had forgotten how much I liked their food.
  • I received a catalog in the mail from JCP. To save a wasted trip and cause I am just not a huge fan of shopping, I check the inventory at stores near me online for items when I can. Seriously, every single thing I was interested in going to look at was "unavailable" at a store near me. What is up with that?  I went ahead and ordered the items online. Fingers crossed what I ordered works out.
  • The weather has been strange. It was really cold, then nice, and now super windy, but nice. Weird, but typical for Texas.
  • Only 21 days until Easter....I will likely eat an ENTIRE bag of Reese's PB eggs.
  • Starbucks has that new size - Trenta. I didn't think I'd ever order this size, but then Spring came around and I remembered my spring/summer drink -- unsweetened passion iced tea : ) - zero calories.
  • There has been a free weekend of multiple premium channels from my cable provider. We tried to find a movie to watch Friday and Saturday evening and we couldn't find a thing!
  • I did every single bit of laundry...for about 5 minutes. Every piece was also folded (h-a-t-e) and put away (dislike). Why is it that the laundry bin can't stay empty for a period of time to make all the effort worth it????
  • Monday is tomorrow again already???? UGH!
  • Weekly recap: 6 bootcamps - calories: 3656


FitBy40 said...

Holy crap! 6 boot camps in one week? OK, go right ahead and eat that damn Easter candy because you've earned it. I thought I was a serious gym addict, but I got nothin' on you! Holy, holy cow!

SUchipmunk said...

I love some Chipotle too!!! :)

Nella said...

crazy ass busy weekend!
love me some chipotle. we dont have them up hear in the NORTH! Will eat when we go to cali in a few weeks! cant wait!

Beth Ann said...

Chipotle was my absolutely favorite food pre-band and a total trigger food. I've worked it back in a little, but weirdly I've never had the tacos. I recently have developed a taste for corn tortillas, so I'm going to have to try that.

You would totally kick that halfs butt! :) And who are you? My inspiration. That's who.