Thursday, June 10, 2010

Weighing and Measuring

My name is Fluffy and I have PORTION DISTORTION. Yep, I admit it, unless I am out to dinner or at some event, I weigh and measure all my food. Do I consider this a "diet"? Not really - there is some distinction between a diet and a lifestyle, but I'm not even going to get into that. It's just what I do.

So why do I do it? Because I HAD to be honest with myself. That's right, you ask me to eyeball some food and it's going one of two ways - too much or too little. So, when I'm at home (or going to work) I portion control to address my portion distortion.

I was also honest with myself that crap food is crap food regardless of the amount. That being said, I am not saying that I don't eat crap food, because I do! YUM! But my honesty came into play that I cannot control myself around it if it's in the house. Cookies, candy, ice cream - it talks to me. Seriously! And, I am fortunate that my hubby could care less about this stuff (weird, huh?), so I have the luxury of just not having it in the house - period.

Everyone that has WLS has their own personal reasons for having the surgery and what works for them. Success for me at this point is measured (HA!) in my ability to maintain. Maintenance is hard (OK, in a lot of ways it just plain SUCKS!). In fact, I think I have said it's hard a bajillion times. There's this weird no payoff thing. Your goal isn't to lose weight anymore and guess what? You are now this "thin" person. People don't say anything anymore. It's just you. (Compliments again serving as a payoff.)

So, I workout, I measure and weigh, and I generally make healthy choices. M-F I pretty much stick to healthy choices. (Guess what? There are lots of healthy choices that are really satisfying!) Then on the weekends, we'll go out to eat for a meal or two, I'll have some adult bevies, and/or some dessert. Do I feel deprived? Honestly, no. When I do feel deprived and I'm honest with myself - it's an emotional thing and back to my drug of choice: FOOD : )

This is my lifestyle or diet whichever you prefer. ; )


Darlin1 said...

Hey Fluffy --I'm a lot like you are!

Congratulations for making it work for you--

Jody V said...

I say lifestyle! Look where it got you. I think I need to do some measuring also. That's the only way you know if you are taking in enough OR too much!!

Great advice and post as usual!!


Girl Bandit said...

Can I pretend that you didn't say maintaining was hard??? Pretty pls??? Seriously...when there I think I will operate pretty muchlike what you described...thanks for sharing