Tuesday, June 08, 2010

OOOOO toys....

I got one of these (Ok - over there)! A Polar FT7 heart rate monitor. Why? Because my breathing sucks when I jog and it is holding back both my endurance and my speed (diagnosis provided by the asskicker). Asskicker said for me to get a heart rate monitor to "know" when my breathing is off. No it doesn't breathe for me silly, but it does let me know when my heart rate has skyrocketed. You don't breathe, your heart rate goes up. So we'll see how it goes....cause first I gotta figure out all the damn settings and buttons - there are TWO more on the other side! I've gotten it going for two days this week, but it is TOO frickin' hot to do any running. Just not gonna do it. With heat index it was 105 yesterday afternoon (remember it's asskicker in the morning), so stay tuned for a really really exciting (ha) update at some point.

Along the same lines, there is discussion of some training involving a half marathon. You may (or may not) remember this post. No marathons for me. A half marathon - OK, I'll consider it. Still thinking on that one as well. Hmmmm, bunch of thinking not so much action!

I also got another toy. Yep, I am a gadget dork. I have the new Sprint droid phone - EVO HTC - something like that anyway. Similiarity to the Polar - well there aren't a lot of buttons, but there is a whole lotta crap on this thing that I don't know how to use yet. (Don't say it....I don't do manuals! ha ha ha)


Girl Bandit said...

I love my polar and you will really enjoy seeing how hard or how little you are working out!!

Tina said...

hi there-thanks for coming over to my blog. Yours looks great :)

1. Did you start this after you reached your first goal then? I'm glad you did...I have thought about the cremation and band life span stuff to so thanks for getting it out there...I will follow :)


Fluffy said...

Hi Tina - Thanks for stopping by. My blog has been around since I was considering the lap band back in 2005. It's still shocking to me that it's been that long! I wanted a way to go back and look at my journey - it's funny how much you forget over time! The only thing I didn't do which I wish I would have along my journey is measurements. I only used the scale and my clothes. But with clothes, you know how variable that can be.