Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Uh, No...

Bootcamp conversations recently---"bootcamper" refers to different ladies:

Someday at bootcamp conversation 1:
  • Bootcamper: "You should train for a marathon."
  • Me: "Uh, No. I decided a long time ago that 26.whatever miles was not a goal I needed to accomplish in my lifetime and that I'd drive that distance if needed."
Someday at bootcamp conversation 2:
  • Bootcamper: "You should do this X" (X - can't remember the name of the "event")
  • Me: "I'll look it up on the internet."
  • Me that night: "Uh no. Are you f'n insane?" The event is some psycho extreme special ops developed "thing" that is to "challenge" all aspects of fitness. Um, 1 - HEIGHTS (not a fan); 2 - Swimming in muddy stuff (not only not a fan cause I am CONVINCED in muddy stuff that something is going to grab me, but I don't swim.)
  • Next day - me to bootcamper: "Hey, I looked it up you need to swim. Unfortunately (COUGH) I don't swim."
  • Bootcamper: "Well hell, the water can't be that deep." (Yes, seriously)
  • Me: "I mean I really don't swim. The FAQs in two places stress - you don't swim, this isn't the event for you."
  • Bootcamper: "Oh, you really can't swim? That's weird. Oh well, there will be other events."
Someday at bootcamp 3:
  • Bootcamper: "You should..."
What have I learned?
  • The instructor/leader whatever you want to call her is an asskicker that takes extreme pleasure from asking us the next day "Are you sore?" Looking for someone to please please say yes, so that she can laugh. Enough said.
  • Most of these ladies are insane. (Just sayin' - I love them all really.) Quite a number have completed MULTIPLE - not one, but MULTIPLE marathons, triathlons, or some other extreme event.
  • These ladies don't know that I used to weigh 100 pounds more than I do right now. In fact, some have commented on my fitness. (Inside I giggle every time.)
  • I continue to increase my strength and have some pretty good muscles to prove it!
  • I love bootcamp.
  • I love the asskicker pushing me and correcting my form--she cracks up that I thank her after class after the asskicking for the corrections.
  • I love these ladies that are inspirations to me from their sheer joy of participating in these "insane" hard core activities.
  • ...I might actually have to consider one of these types of events just to shut them up *sigh* - stay tuned

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