Monday, May 31, 2010

Thanks Dinnerland!

First a shout out to Dinnerland: Thanks for the post on your page. Nope, I don't mind at all. I did my blog for two reasons. (1) I wanted to have some place to go back and look at progress (oh all right - and a place to bitch and moan!) and (2) When I was banded, it was VERY hard to find information (at least I couldn't find much). I found that the boards covered the same stuff over and over again (sorry) and I wanted to see if my journey would be of help to people after me. (And, hopefully in some way it has!). It has been interesting to see the ebb and flow of changes in "how to use your band". What did I learn that I found most important? Weight loss even with a band sucks and is not easy?! Oh sorry, had to put that in there. In all seriousness, it's that everyone is different and every journey is different. Keep your chin up and your head down and you will get to your goal!

So to you Dinnerland - thank you and awesome job on your 5 months! And I'll be reading.Congrats on the 170's!

Barbara - Thanks for the link! I will be heading out to read that. I was cracking up on your conversation with your husband. I took a quick peak at your most recent post - I'll have to get out there and read more. In regard to the 6 small meals your doc suggested. Maybe consider looking at it a bit differently. Give yourself permission (and reassure yourself you are compliant) to have a snack if/when you are hungry. The three 'main' meals always be sure that they are the measured amount and then when/if needed have that snack. My experience (noting that everyone is different - HA!) was that I had dilated my pouch - seem to recall that it was twice. And that I actually lost MORE weight when I switched to what your doctor suggested. Just "food for thought".

Darlin' - Thanks for the comment and CONGRATULATIONS on your new lowest weight!!!

Nella - One thing to know, I always have an opinion that I'm willing to share! I read your most recent post and for me - big Y-E-S on stress and tightness for me. I definitely see a correlation. One of the other things that I found is that when eating with people that don't know that if I am not paying attention then I will eat too fast, etc. or if I am paying too much attention, then I just plain get stressed out! The good news - it gets soooo much easier over time.


Girl Bandit said...

Hi Fluffy...Vanessa sent me ;).....what does dilated your pouch mean??? I am nearly 6 mths banded and 52 lbs down. I agree that I found the message boards repetitive and wanted to know the long term outcome of a band...I haven't been dissapointed with the blogs. Can't wait to get a chance to read yours from woah to go!!!

Fluffy said...

Girl Bandit / Sally - Thanks for stopping by and CONGRATULATIONS on your phenomenal results! You are definitely working it! I should have also referred to it as a stretched pouch which I think is how most people refer to it. Here's a link in my blog that I think might be the best reference should you want to read a bit more on it:

I never know if people come back to see my response or if I should also post it on their blog in the comments, so I might head over and paste it there as well. : )

Take care,