Thursday, May 27, 2010

So I've been thinking...

about something kinda weird. My husband and I had a talk about what the other one wants to happen if we are suddenly hurt badly, ill, or God forbid die. Anyway, I am a cremation kind of gal. I don't want to use up space on the earth (yep, I'm one of those) and bugs - um, no. I also asked him to PLEASE not keep my ashes with the ones that I can't seem to get him to do something with from the dog and the cat. I tried the tactic of explaining that at least if we do something with the ashes, we will know what happened to them, but that didn't work (ideas welcome - I don't want to end up on that show "The Marriage Ref").

Oh ya, the point. So what about my band? Is the crematory hot enough that the band will also be all melted up?

And another thing - when you get fake boobs - I think they tell you that you might need to have them replaced in 10-15 years (some sort of time period anyway) - so is there also a "life expectancy" for the band? Do they even know? And hellooooo, why am I only thinking of this now nearly 5 years out? (I vaguely recall asking at the time and was told something like - shouldn't be needed.) So, here's what I found through Google on some site:

"The lifespan of the Lap Band is uncertain but many have been in place since 1994 without failing so they appear to be durable and long lasting but may not be durable enough to last a lifetime. We cannot say what the lifespan of the band is at this time."

Sounds kinda like "shouldn't need to be", huh? Anyone get any scoop on this from their provider recently? Thoughts?


Darlin1 said...

Good question---but I bet there is no answer---too many variables.

Oh yeah --don't worry your band won't be left to put in the urn.

Different questions ;-)

Dinnerland said...

I agree-- good question. It is really uncertain... and nobody knows the true answer. But if you think about it, when and if the time comes where you need your band replaced or removed, so be it. It seems you have at least another 10 years on top what you've already had and that is a HELLA long time!!!
I am a thinker the way you are-- but there are some things, even in medicine, that you have to take on faith and move on. So that's what I'd do if I were you. (I'm only in month 5, and it is nice to see someone 5 years out, glad you're still posting!!)

Dinnerland said...

I hope you don't mind, but having seen your blog and absorbed the length of time you've been banded, I wanted to share with others in the banding blogosphere. I can always take the post down if you don't like the "PR."!

Barbara said...

Hey Fluff, caught the bug on you from Dinnerland so I am jumping on board on your follow list.
I have always told my husband to cremate me.. (he was always big on being buried next to each other).. So my solution is that we buy one grave, If I go first hold 'em, if he goes first "in the ground you go",. with me to follow in the same grave spot..

As far as the band, oh don't worry, there will be no sign of it.. it will melt just fine. I think if you look at the safety summary report on the band (I have included the link from CDRH FDA site)

They have done tissue compatibility studies and the band itself has a 2 year shelf life (this is not the implated life span)... I think they projected it would be good for 30 years before breakdown of materials (based on other medical device history and materials (heart valves, etc) they can project this).

Anyway probably way more info than you desired, sorry, but you kinda his my sweet spot for my career so I could not reistist. be well

Nella said...

Great post...found you from Dinnerland! Great to hear from an alumni!
I am always thinking how long it will last...I guess we would just have it replaced like the boobies!!!

Girl Bandit said...

Thanks Fluffy for the reference post...great information!!!