Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ah, my Polar...

Oh how I love you...If I just believed you! You are kinda like a super duper cute boy (prior to me being married of course!), does he really like me? Is he "into me"?

I have been whimping out on my runs this week - just too dang hot - only one this morning and bootcamp all week. According to my new love: 5hrs and 52 mins of exercise for M-S for a whopping 3353 calories! Can this be true? Have I really been burning that many calories with the asskicker???

I doubt you my new love because "WHAT THE HELL?" - that's a lot of f-ing calories! Now, I'm not complaining and I am hoping, wishing, and praying (singing that song) that is indeed the that it offsets the full on fat version of lasagna, some roll with butter, and the 1/2 of a box of Mike N Ikes I ate while watching a movie I had last night. : ) (Dear Mike and Ike, don't feel left out, because I also love you! Which is why we only "see" each other now and then.)

I'm waiting for the maid to show up...Oh wait, that's me. I better get to work!


Jody V said...

Hey Fluffy,

I did some research on the Polar and I think I'm going to get one. Thanks for posting about it!


Jody V said...

I ordered the same one you have today. Can't wait to get it!