Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My blog...

I took the time this weekend to go back to the beginning of my blog and scan the posts. All I can say is "wow". It really is weird to look back at it 5 years later. I found some information "Golden Rules" as I referred to them that I actually kinda like better (or at least to add) to the stuff I have listed on the sidebar. Check them out:
  • Chew all foods very well and appreciate the taste. Take your time, don't rush
  • Start with a small, planned amount of food. Wait at least 20 minutes before thinking of adding something else to your plate
  • Eat meals and snacks on time. Hunger drives an uncontrolled appetite
  • Don't drink 30 minutes before or after a meal. Never drink during a meal
  • Eat without distraction. Tension or excitement may cause you to eat too fast or forget to chew
I really do think these are golden. Thoughts?

And this on PB'ing---which is guidance from my doctor:
  • Some degree of vomiting or regurgitation may occur after you eat
  • This may indicate you are: eating too fast, trying to eat too much, not chewing your food adequately, or eating the wrong foods (or potentially too tight)
  • Every person is different and some foods may give you problems and not others. Avoid those foods that give you problems
If you vomit solid food
  • Stay NPO (no food or liquid by mouth) for two hours
  • Do not force the issue and try to eat or drink again immediately
  • This may induce more vomiting. The more you vomit the more swelling that may occur across your band. This may lead to further obstruction.
 After two hours try solid food again

  •  If you vomit again:
  •  Stay NPO (no food or liquid by mouth) for four hours
  •  After four hours try water only
  •  If you can tolerate water stay on clear liquids for 12 hours before trying solid food again.
  •  If you can't tolerate clear liquids or water without vomiting notify the doctor immediately
  •  Prolonged vomiting (more than 12 hours) is not normal - Call the doctor immediately 
And this post where I adopted Edgar the purple hedgehog. I was surprised to see he was still around after all the neglect!

I've had stalls, stumbles, and successes. What a journey and honestly an evolution in my mind and well being as much as my physical appearance.

I started this journey being severely depressed, meds, shrink, the whole sha-bang. My weight was definitely contributing. It's funny how I just made the decision to get the band and was off and running. It was a significant investment (self pay), but worth every penny.

During my journey I worked on my inside and outside (inside is not reflected as much in my blog as I keep some things out to retain anonymity). I continued to see a counselor and eventually stopped taking my meds for depression. We reached a point where we agreed that further counseling was not needed - that I had the tools in my toolbox to keep myself mentally and emotionally on track (way more baggage than weight). I know that without this component of my journey that I would not have been as successful.

Things continued to "shape up" on the outside as well. But life is about stalls, stumbles, and successes. I am sure that I will experience stalls and stumbles going forward, but if I do that I am also now prepared to turn them into successes!

What do you do to get or keep your "mind" in shape?


Jody V said...

I read YOUR blog!! I wish I had accomplished what you have. I'm feeling a bit down but...my Polar came today!! You can keep YOUR mind in shape by motivating us all!


Girl Bandit said...

Thanks for this...am slowly realising I need a little unfill...this makes me see the big picture...I like your rules and especially the one on Pbing