Friday, June 18, 2010

Granting Permission

This weekend I am granting myself permission to do NOTHING. Meaning NO exercise is required or expected AT ALL on Saturday or Sunday. Does this mean I won't? Who knows, but what it does mean is that I am giving myself the weekend off as part of my move out of Slumpville.

What I have found is that when I give myself permission to either not exercise or have something like candy or dessert that often times I find myself exercising or not having the candy/dessert...with no pressure of "I have to exercise!" or "Man, I NEED some candy/dessert. I MUST have it." Other times I do. Regardless of what happens in either scenario, I do it and I feel good about it (no guilt). This is definite progress.

So I will leave the week with the following in no order of importance:
  • Completed 5 bootcamps. Polar info: 5 hours 12 mins for 2880 calories.
  • Weighed within my June revised weight range (132 - 136 lbs) *Note: most weeks I weigh in once a week. Other weeks, I don't weigh at all. Weird, but true.
  • New clothes are definitely looser than when first purchased.
  • Last week of boot camp for this session is next week. Next week I need to figure out my plan for the week between sessions.
Thanks ladies for the comments! Happy weekend!


Fiona said...

Well done and enjoy your "weekend off"

Jody V said...

You certainly deserve this time off! You go girl!!


Sarah said...

Savor it!