Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bootcamp Round 3 - Fit Test

Today was the fit test for the end of the session. Friday is the last day of Round 3. Overall, I think there was some pretty good improvement!

My observations for this session:
  • Core and arm strength increasing (Yippeee!).
  • Burpees - not much of an improvement, but I am going with the heat. : ) I was feeling it today--no wind whatsoever and very humid. (It was 81 when we started at 5:30 AM.)
  • While squat form has improved, there is still room for further refinement.
  • Boxing kicks ass!!! I wish we did more of it. Man, definitely a workout.

Oh, what's up with the rounds? It's full out as many as you can do for a "round" in 20 seconds. Recover for 10 seconds and repeat. It's tough for sure!

What I liked about this session:
  • It didn't seem like we ever repeated a workout. Even if we did, it was spread out enough that I didn't notice it.
  • Good variety in muscles worked.
  • Loved the advanced plank work which I think pushed me.
What I will do during my week "off" (next week - the week between sessions):
  • Minimum of 15 miles for the week
  • Minimum of 3 times for Jillian's 30-day Shred or Jillian's No More Trouble Zones (I love both of these)
What I plan to work on next session:
  • Continue development of core and arm strength.
  • Further refine squat form.
  • Have the asskicker yell at me if my form is not good as much as it takes. (I am starting to think that my form is sucking again for planks. Without a mirror, I have a hard time judging where my butt is--sounds weird, but true. Is it too high? Too low? Hips in proper position? etc.)


Dinnerland said...

Hey Fluffy:
Check out this blog, I nominate YOU as a "Superstar of the Band"-- whenever you have time, PLEASE answer the questions on that blog.
They all pertain to the great experiences of bandsters with a tone of experience and success.
You are a well-spring of info and I hope you will share whenever you have a chance. cannot wait to read your answers!

Dinnerland said...

Duh: here's the link:

Dinnerland said...

Thanks for all the support and thoughtful comments-- very helpful!
I believe that journaling food for a few days-- or just becoming more mindful really works well. That's what I'm trying lately, and it seems to be helping me get onto the track again.