Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What'd I eat?

I see a lot of people that track what they eat, etc. For grins and giggles I did that yesterday. If I ate it, I made a little note. When I was in weight loss phase, I tracked and paid way more attention to overall intake. In maintenance, that has changed. I have more thoughts on that after...

List o' food
  • Chobani Greek Yogurt with Peaches - 140
  • Egg sandwich: 1 slice toast, slice cheddar cheese, 1 egg, lettuce, and lots of tomato - 250ish?
  • Hot & Spicy V-8 juice - 30
  • Leftover Mexican chicken packet - chicken breast, black beans, corn, rice with sour cream & salsa - 300ish?
  • Steak, asparagus & 1/2 baked potato - 175?+30?+100? - 305?
  • Gummy Vitamins - 50
  • 6 peanuts in shell - 30?
  • I drink a lot of hot tea with skim milk - 40?
  • Reduced Fat Cheez-its - 130 (this was kinda weird, but I had put some in hubby's lunch because he loves them and then just couldn't get them off my mind!)
  • A mini bundt cake - Hey, Valentine's day treat! 9,234,545 cals? And, worth every single one!
Excluding the cake, it was roughly 1300 cals. There would likely would have been 250-300 more cals in there somewhere without it. A mini meal, snack, or a Clif bar if pressed for time. This is a pretty average day.I don't count calories or protein intake, some days I eat more and others probably a bit less. I eat bandster size portions, but I stop eating when I'm full even if it is not the entire portion. If I get hungry later, I eat again. I eat whatever I want, but I do generally try to make healthy choices and make sure that I
am getting in fruits and veggies.

Most importantly: What's life without some really good cake now and then? : )

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Tracy said...

I like it! This is totally where I envision myself eventually. Only two months post band, but I want to hope that this will be how I will handle my eating habits one day.

Thanks so much!!!