Friday, February 18, 2011


What is that? OVO! The other night I went to Cirque du Soleil - Ovo with hubby. I had to take one picture and it was when everyone was coming in and no flash. Yes, I'm rationalizing because pictures are not allowed, but I had to have one for here, right??? So, this is the star of the show---an egg. Sadly, I was caught taking the picture and was chastised for doing so. I bowed my head and said that I was oh so sorry that I thought it would be OK prior to the show as the sign seemed to indicate it was during the performance. OK, I know, ya right. But what was I supposed to say? Well, I need it for my blog post? HA!

When we got close to the arena, I was wondering why they directing us to a parking lot that was away from the arena. Then I saw it, a big huge tent! It was so unexpected that I didn't even think to get a LEGAL picture of it. Idiot.

The show was great and we were really close. I was concerned that I might be pulled up during the audience participation part, but thankfully some other poor girl was the victim chosen.

Wedding Outfit Nightmare Update

"Richard" - I'm not sure who you are since you put your comment under your husband's name, but I have to tell you when I read it I thought, "Wow, a dude took the time to put that?" - LOL - thanks.

I'm taking everybody's advice (and the hint on sales!) to see if I can find something this weekend. Turns out that I looked at what hubby has and....uh, um, no. And yep, I am one of "those wives" that I did give him a clothing makeover. I hated his jeans and a lot of his shirts. Just not the right fit for his body. And, please know that he didn't mind/care and got a ton of compliments from his friends, so it worked out all around. Here's how the wedding clothing review went...

Hubby: Why do I have to show you now?
Fluffy: Because I need to see what you have to make sure it is ready to go. (White lie.)
Hubby: Here are the three suits I have.
Fluffy: These are nice, but "vintage". (Ha ha - pretty good huh? Translation: No way jose. These are outta style. You aren't wearing any of the three.)
Hubby: So you don't like them?
Fluffy: It's not a matter of like really, I think we should just check the sales this weekend and get you a sport coat that you can wear with your work clothes if you ever need to.

Happy weekend!


Read said...

Excellent husband conversation. Did he buy it or see right through it?

And we just saw Cirque for the first time over Thanksgiving - I can't remember the name of the one we saw (not with an egg) and it was totally cool!!

Maybe This Time said...

hi! i'm "richard"!!! lol!!! hubby would not be happy that i made him look like a stalker...just our secret, k??? good luck with the shopping! totally worth it...