Monday, February 14, 2011

Awww, Valentine's Day

When I came home from bootcamp this morning, I found this waiting for me:

To me, there's nothing better than a handwritten note! It definitely made my morning and look at the cute little correction for the missing "r". BTW - Unrelated to a run, I did have some tummy issues (crampish) related to fake time of the month. Feeling much better this morning though.

We aren't really exchanging gifts with the holidays and our birthdays not too long ago. We are exchanging cards though, but he wasn't home all weekend and I missed him. I ended up getting him a few things that I would have anyway, but left them in a pile for when he got home last night.

The strings are to a dozen red heart balloons, 6-pack of 60-min IPA beer (treat), coffee, pistachios in single serve packs, trail mix in single serve packs, Reese's Pieces (treat - mmmmm), and yep - that really is a box of copy paper (hey, he really wanted some!).

Tonight I'm making ribeyes that I put on some coffee rub (sounds weird? seriously good!), steamed asparagus, and a baked potato. We had talked about going out to eat for a fancy meal, but decided that not too long ago we had his birthday dinner. It was good, but it was expensive and full of calories. Strangely enough, we tend to love our home cooked meals just as much!

Wishing everyone a happy Valentine's day!

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Justawallflower said...

We aren't exchanging gifts either. My birthday is in two days, and his is next month, and we just don't get into v-day really. he was forced to go all out in his last marriage, and I couldn't care less about this day, so we just spend it loving each other,and don't stress too much. I love the hand written letter though. have a wonderful dinner!