Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Threat of Swimsuits Ahead!

Did you shudder? March 20 is the first day of Spring! Which means we are just that much closer to SWIMSUITS! (Uh, yippee?) And for anyone doing something for Spring Break it might mean getting in one sooner than later.

I'm using the first day of Spring for motivation to step it up a notch. I figure what the hell? Might as well pull out all the stops and start Spring off right.

My running training "coach" told me that I could sub in bootcamps for my training runs during the week since there is so much sprinting and running in them. The only deal was that I had to ensure to get my long runs in.

Weekly Recap:
  • 7 bootcamps - replaced two training runs with bootcamps
  • 9 mile training run
  • Calories: 5274 - Do I think this is accurate? Who knows. It's just something that I like to see. I used to also track the time, but calories give me more of an idea of overall exertion.
Coming this week:
  • A post with my thoughts on maintenance - I can just feel the excitement!!!


Read said...

I'm totally excited about spring coming, swimsuits or not!! I'm sure you've said before, but I'm asking anyway - what do you use to track those calories burned?

Fluffy said...

Hey Read! I use a Polar for bootcamp and a Garmin for my long runs. I needed the added GPS functionality of the Garmin for my running. I'll post this on your blog as well!

Justawallflower said...

I think the first day a spring is a great motivation for stepping it up a notch! I have started looking at swimsuits already, but decided who knows how much I can lose between now and the first swimsuit excursion. Once we get to a place financially I am looking for a place to start doing he boot camps! I'm sticking with P90X at home for now! You are so inspirational though! you should know that!