Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wedding @ 4pm???

I have a wedding to go to next weekend in Arizona. It *should* be warm there (the weather has been so whacko, who really knows!). The wedding ceremony is outside a country club at 4pm. And lucky me, nothing on the invite about what to wear. I had hubby ask the best man (his good buddy), but as far as I know there hasn't been a response.

The invitation is quite formal and the reception is at the country club (adults only). I'm assuming there must be some sort of sit down dinner or buffet as well. But I'm struggling. What I have dress wise, while nice, is not appropriate for the time of day. I have one dress that could work, but it's black. The neckline doesn't allow me to add a scarf for some color, so it would be the black dress with some jewelry and heels. I am on the fence about whether or not it's appropriate considering the time of the ceremony.

And normally I would just find something and go with it, but this wedding is a bit different. When I got married, it was me and hubby. That's it. His friends are spread all over the US and I have not met any of them. This IS the big meet and greet. Added bonuses:
  1. My hubby was tagged as the one that would never get married and it came as a huge shock to them when he did. Some have even told him they don't really believe that I exist.
  2. I'm 5 years older than his friends and even older than the wives.
  3. Numerous emails, etc. stating how they are looking forward to meeting me.
Fun, huh? They're curious...I would be too, so I get that. But I keep hearing in my head these valley girl things:
  • "OMG, can you believe she's like wearing THAT?"
  • "OMG, she's like so OLD!"
  • "OMG like he married HER?"

So I need to be dressed appropriately and comfortably to settle my nerves and manage the stress of it all. Uh, is it over yet? ; )

What do you think of a black dress at a 4pm wedding? What would you wear?

List o' Food
  • Chobani Pomegranate Yogurt - 140***
  • Beef quesadilla thing - take two tortillas (160). Spray one side of both lightly with olive oil. Place one (oil side down) in a heated skillet. Layer on: two reduced fat provolone cheese (160) and thinly sliced beef lunch meat (70). Put on other tortilla - oil side up. Cook until nice and brown on both sides. Then I took it off and the non-cheese side I took off and added a ton of tomato, some thinly slided red onion, and then some lowfat mayo/horseradish sauce I made (25). --- I ate half and then the other half later. - 450ish?
  • Salad - green leafy lettuce shredded, broccoli slaw, tomato, leftover steamed asparagus, cucumber, a few black olives, tablespoon of bleu cheese, and some sugar free balsalmic vinegrette. --- 150ish?
  • Banana - 100ish?
  • Clif Bar - 240
  • Popcorn cheese puffs - 160
  • Greek Yogurt - 140
***Pomegranate. I like your flavor and juice, but I do not like that seedy thing inside of you. I know that there is nothing wrong with eating the seedy thing and I don't have any issue with them with my band, but I just don't like you. So, I didn't really like my yogurt and I am holding a grudge! For now, you are persona non grata. Hmmm, not a are fruta non grata!


Richard said...

buy a new dress!!! it will boost your confidence! and feel proud of yourself! and everyone will notice...! look forward to hearing hte details

Richard said...

btw-i posted previously under hubby's name...oops! comment above from maybe this time! don't worry-some weirdo man is not stalking...

Jody V said...

LOL Fluffy! I can't stand the Pomegranate yogurt either!!

I agree that you should buy a new dress also. You will look stunning in black but I think you need a bit of confidence on this one. I would be thinking the same way!! But...they will all love you!

FitBy40 said...

I think you deserve a new dress, and hubby will be happy about it too because you will be his smoking hot wife! I was just at Kohl's and they had lots of cute things on sale, give it a try.
Can't wait to see and hear all about it.