Saturday, February 26, 2011


I'm starting to wonder if I'm just a b#%&?& and my expectations are unreasonable. This trip is getting on my last nerve.

We got here and there's no plan. Keep in mind, we travelled much less distance than most. So three quarters travelled all day. We then find out that the hotel that they chose for the guests is one hour from the "festivities" for the night. 

There's some event thing in town and rentals are scarce, but more importantly nobody should be drinking and driving. Keep in my, these are my husband's friends. So I have been trying to go with the flow and keep my mouth shut, but it's nearly impossible at times.

Back and forth about the first night--how we getting there, I don't know, etc. Finally, I was just fed up. I went and figured out transportation for all of us and gave them the time to be in the lobby.

To shorten my rant, we get there under the impression we are doing something. Um, no. Stayed at the house. Time to leave, back to hotel, and yep WE paid for the transportation to the tune of 300(!) bucks. I left him with his friends and went to bed which was perfect because I was irritated.

Next evening, no plan. Seeing a trend? I say to my husband with this many people we need to make reservations. There is no way to simply walk in with such a large party on a Friday night. I suggest some restaurants as we are familiar with the area. Said if we go to X, it's more expensive and he should make everyone aware. Whomever he spoke with wanted to go to this restaurant so my husband made the reservations.

Yep, then "how are we all getting there" starts up again. So yet again I take care of that and get taxis lined up.

On the way to the restaurant I expressed concern that we would end up paying a lot for dinner. He told me they aren't like that and not to worry. Fine. Not saying a word. What I had seen so far and my gut impression of most was not giving me a good feeling. 

While I watched bottles of wine, appetizers, steak and crab being ordered by people I tried to tell myself they would do the "right" thing. Well, I had the most expensive 1/2 spinach salad, baked potato, and iced tea ever (less than $15). To the tune of 70 bucks. So, $140 later dinner is over. I f#$%*&%$ hate that!

Luckily for me, another wife needed to go back to the hotel. I volunteered to go back with her while everyone else went out. Needless to say that was a blessing.

Today as I type this, my husband is now driving a guy an hour one way to pick up his car. My husband said something to the effect that's just what you do or something and how could he say no? (Uh, it's easy. I'll sound it out for you: sorry, we have plans) To which I replied that we have done enough and that I'm feeling taken advantage of. He responded that he should have just come by himself. Nice.

My fingers are now crossed that I can fake my way through the afternoon and the wedding.  Maybe I could use  more tolerance, but not so sure on this one that I don't have a right to feel the way I do.


Jody V said...

Oh sounds like a nightmare. I hope you got through the wedding. At least you get to leave them all behind and be thankful that they don't live close to you! What a blessing that is! Oh...what did you wind up wearing?

FitBy40 said...

I'm pissed off just reading this! Did anyone even offer $$ for the transportation? That is awful! I hope today is a better day and I can't wait to see pictures.