Sunday, February 06, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday

**Ice, snow, maybe a frozen pipe here or there, it isn't that bad when put it in the context of the torrential rains hitting Australia. As a child, I lived in a flood zone. Other than fire, I don't think there is anything as destructive. I hope the rains stop soon.**

How did you start off Super Bowl Sunday? We went and fed the ducks and geese. There were lots of them and we even saw some goose butts? geese butts? goose butt?
Then my hubby made a friend. Um, no we can't take the goose home. They're kinda mean and poop a lot!
The weather disrupted my training schedule. I'll be honest though, I could have done some home workouts, but didn't. So, 1 bootcamp and 2 training runs.
  • Bad news: Missed 4 bootcamps and 1 training run
  • Good news: The missed training run was a short one (3 miles) and I still got in my long run (7 miles).
  • Calories burned: 1992


Silverhairedgoddess said...

On Super Bowl Sunday Hubby and I went for a nice long drive - Just wanted to get out of the apartment.

I haven't seen any current news on flooding in Australia - all that is on the news now is the unrest in Egypt which is pretty awful!

All this bad weather and unrest in the world is very scary !

Something About Kellie said...

One side of our lovely country is flooding whilst the other is burning :(

and they say climate change doesn't exist??