Sunday, January 04, 2009

Tomorrow Back On Track

I've definitely taken a vacation from the gym for the past week and pretty much the week before. Oh well, I think the break was good and plan to just start up again tomorrow with the bajillion other resolution makers. :-) I guess I'll go a bit earlier cause from now until March the gym will be packed. Around here, the gym will drop back down around March.

Not sure if I will weigh in or not tomorrow on official weigh in day. My friend got a Wii and Wii-Fit for Christmas. Messed around with that a ton and part of the setup for the Wii-Fit is body analysis. According to that I have a lovely 6 lbs gained from where I was prior to the holiday season. I have decided to say, 'Oh well' and just get back on it. My fingers are crossed that I'll see an initial fast drop, but who knows. It is what it is. I swear I didn't eat enough extra calories for that much of a gain in such a short period, but add to that just the general diet change and lack of exercise with my sloth metabolism and it very well might be possible. Reminder to self - oh well. Just get back on it. Weight is a life long struggle with or without the band.

So tomorrow - back to the gym, eating right, and getting back on track. MY GOAL to make myself 'officially' accountable: To be at 134 in 90 days or less from January 5. This is extremely achievable and realistic. In fact, I really should be able to do it in 60 days, but decided to set the official goal at 90 days. Goal after that is to maintain within 2 lbs on either side and need to put more time into thinking about that, but will do that when I'm closer.

I hope everyone's holidays were great and I wish everyone a very happy, healthy, and prosperous new year!

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