Monday, January 12, 2009

OMG! Weekly Weigh In

You have got to be kidding me?? The scale must be broken. Um nope, it is Santa weight and it isn't broken AND it isn't 6 lbs. It is SEVEN. That's right people - seven-frickin-pounds. I can feel it and I can see it. Best friend says no way. I said, who is gonna lie???? I am at 142.5 from 135.5 on my birthday in December. Yes, it sucks and yes it is also a bit depressing. AND yes I am venting! I have to get it out.

I must continue to eat like a bandster (just got back on track) - avoid soft foods and most importantly avoid crap. I swear I got into a habit for a few weeks of eating around the band. Bad, bad, bad. I'm going to eat the right food and the right amount and see how things go. I honestly was feeling very hungry as well. Possible (and likely) reasons:
  • I was eating crap - high sugar / high carb - body wants more, more, more!
  • I was eating too much and have stretched my pouch. Had a couple bouts of heartburn.
  • I was eating the wrong food. Too many soft foods. Therefore I wasn't feeling full.
I'll see how it goes. I really think it was all of the above. Well I have to go and watch some 'crack' TV. That's what I call TV shows that are train wreck, once you start watching them you can't stop. So, I'm off to watch Momma's Boys. (Big time hilarious train wreck. Where do they find these people??? And, hello? Why the hell am I watching! HA!)


Anonymous said...

Guuurrrlll i am with ya ! I was at 140 today from 135 as well . I WAS 142-143 ! Same reason's you mentioned. ON TOP of that I have nearly no restriction ! I also have to get back on track and start eating more like a bandster. I think this is the first time since being banded that I have
A. felt fat
B. really gotten off track for this long
C. Really needed to kick myself in the butt !

Melanie said...

Hey, it's the hardest time of the year for eating and it's only 7 lbs - 4-6 weeks of your normal banded lifestyle and you'll be fine. Have a great 2009.