Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Stayed the SAME!???

That's right people. No movement on the Santa weight whatsoever. So, I am still what I was the last time I reported in (142.5 lbs). Honestly, I am surprised. I thought I would see something. The funny thing is that I am in such better shape than when I was this weight before. My mile time is 6 miles in an hour no problem and can push it a lot of days for more. I don't subscribe to the "maybe it's muscle weight" theory as it takes a TON of effort for a female to put on muscle mass and I haven't been doing that kind of workouts. It may be possible though that my fat percent has dropped, because if the scale is right - which is only one measurement people! remember that - my clothes at the pre-Santa weight (135.5 lbs) fit just fine. I would expect that a 7 lb swing would make my clothes tight and that honestly isn't the case. Anyway, who the heck really knows right? Reminder to self - it's only one measurement. Tons of factors could be in play: hormones, water, etc. Just keep on keeping on that's what I have to do and am going to do.

I'm also having some surgery in early March that will take me out of commission for some time on the workout front. I'm not positive yet how long the recovery is, but I would like to get to 134 by the surgery if at all possible. My concern with the surgery has to do with the downtime and the potential for me to not only get outta shape (inevitable), but put on some weight (just not sure what is going to happen). I'd like to be at the lowest weight by then to help manage any weight gain. I will try to monitor and eat what I am supposed to (bandster food), but the reality is that it could very likely be a HUGE struggle.


Melanie said...

I think all you can do is keep doing the right things and surely the rewards have to come. I hope things work out for the surgery.

Dawn said...

I also hope all works out for the surgery. Keep us posted when you are going in so we can send you lots of bestest wishes.


Fluffy said...

Thanks Mel and Dawn! Appreciate the good wishes and you taking the time to comment. Mel - I left a comment on your blog in the comments. Dawn - Do you have a blog?