Friday, January 23, 2009


That is officially what I am doing. How do I know? I have worked past the time I was supposed to and have now cleaned the house. Why? Cause I didn't go work out this morning and now don't want to. I am trying to get myself to go and thought that maybe - just maybe - if I blogged about it that it would get me there.

My guy didn't have to go to work until mid-day. He said to me - why don't we go to the gym in the morning? (I normally just go.) I said - OK, if you are really going to, great. Cause it's Friday and if I don't get it done, then I won't want to. (hmmm, self-fulfilling prophecy???).

Anyway, guess what? Didn't happen. Asked him about it, then I started working. Asked again and then guess what? Time for him to go to work and no gym! GRRRRR - MEN!

So, here I am thinking about how I should go, but how I don't really really wanna.

Reasons to go:
  • Santa weight (which I don't know where I am because I couldn't weigh in)
  • Drinking tonight
  • Won't workout tomorrow and can't Sunday because I am traveling back to TX
  • Eaten OK all week, but exercise is not what it was which would be fine if eating was more than OK.
  • Santa weight
  • Cause I should
  • Did I say: Santa Weight?
  • I have to be ready by 6pm. With 1 hour to get ready - which I don't even need that much time - that leaves an hour to workout.
  • I'll be glad I did afterward

Reasons not to go:

  • I don't wanna

Well needless to say the reasons to go outweigh the not. But I am not making any promises. Dang it! I don't wanna! (Had to get that last little tantrum out)

Exercise so far this week:

  • Monday - 65 mins
  • Tuesday - 65 mins
  • Wednesday - 65 mins
  • Thursday - 65 mins
  • Friday - TBD
  • Saturday - Most likely a no.
  • Sunday - Traveling - OFF


Bridget said...

That is honestly the hardest part.... actually getting off your butt to get to the gym. I know because I am having the same issue. But I find if I allow myself to winge and bitch whilst im driving there, that when I am actually working out, Im really glad I went!

Dawn said...

Well...did ya go? did ya?