Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Wee Little Confession

OK, it is really a Wii confession, but I'm an idiot. When I was playing with the Wii Fit for multiple hours with my friend, I got this GREAT big (stupid) idea to race the pacer (jogging game on Wii Fit). This would have been fine if I had on my running shoes instead of bare feet or have cheated the Wii by just using my arms. Did I do either? Helllllll no! So, I managed to injure my calf. Yep, a Wii Fit injury. How stupid is that??? Anyway, I was just hoping it would go away, but it hasn't. I'm fine really, but having to take it easy at the gym to prevent further injury. I decided I must stick to the eliptical and only an hour max a day. When it is gone, then back to harder and longer workouts.

I am sooo not kidding you if you can get into a workout routine and NOT stop, it really becomes a habit. I missed how good I felt after a workout, better spirits, etc. AND, it also helps control my eating. I have heard that from others as well. There is something about a workout that at least for me reinforces good choices. (No workout and for some stupid reason I will make a bad choice must easier.)

I am hoping that I'll make downward progress from what I am referring to as my 'Santa Weight'. (I think that's funny.) I am going with the Wii (not so wee - ha) weight gain that I posted as I just didn't want to deal with it if it was more ---- more than SIX pounds???? I will be weighing in officially on Monday - this post is my official reinforcement to myself. Self: get to the gym and make good choices! You WILL be officially weighing in on Monday.

2009 has been very good to me on the work and guy front (uh huh - and I like him a lot). In fact, so good that I am wondering if it will continue. Let's just say that the past two years have been very tough ones. I am a bit skeptical from those two hard years. I am not skeptical that I will get to my 134 lbs within the 90 days that I set as a goal for myself. That is in my COMPLETE control and I WILL do it...I think at goal that I will get myself a Wii and Wii Fit!

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Bridget said...

Oh no!! A Wii Fit injury!!! I hope you're ok! LOL.
I loooove the elipitcal!!! They are really addictive!