Sunday, January 11, 2009


Yep, I have to do it. Get on the scale tomorrow and find out my weight. FACE THE MUSIC WOMAN! I doubt I have much of a change and am anticipating that it will still reflect the "Wii Weigh In" of 141.5 lbs---oh please, do NOT let it be worse. A 6lbs gained from where I was before the Santa weight 135.5 lbs. (OMG - I would be sooooo glad if by some miracle it was a number starting with '13', but not going to get my hopes up...just going to say a little wish to the weight loss fairies.)

Oh well, as I've said over and over - it is what it is. Just brush myself off and get going again. I took it easy this week exercise wise because of my Wii injury (nope - seriously was not kidding about that).

Planning to get back to more of a normal workout level this week. Here's the exercise summary:
  • Mon - 60 mins
  • Tues - 60 mins
  • Wed - OFF
  • Thurs - OFF
  • Fri - 60 mins
  • Sat - OFF
  • Sun - 60 mins

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NavelgazingMidwife said...

Found your blog via Google Alerts for "Wii injury!"

I, too have a Wii injury... a broken foot from slipping off the Wii Fit board. <:o I had to have surgery to repair it, too. *sigh*

I had an RNY gastric bypass 8 years ago and have re-gained far too much (lost 190 and have re-gained 120... Eek!). I love Love LOVE Wii and, for once, exercise seemed like playing outside when I was a kid... and I could have the fun so many people yack about when they are at the gym.

Alas, as I was just beginning to lose weight (and gain coordination!), I was doing the advanced step-aerobics and slipped, hearing the CRACK and next thing I knew, I was having a screw inserted to hold my bones together and my ligaments repaired during surgery.


Much good-luck to you on your goal-meeting!