Monday, February 20, 2006

Still Not on Track

Nope. Still haven't gotten back on track. No exercise since Wednesday. My excuse today is a sick stomach. I am wondering if chicken is on my banned list. I can eat it in soup, but it seems that everytime I have chicken breast it just doesn't work. Today it was moist, marinated chicken. I was sick afterward, but this time it went on for a long time. Pardon the gory details, but PB, foam, you name it, I had it. By the end of the afternoon, my tummy was not happy nor was I.

I can honestly say that today was the first day that I seriously wondered if it was worth it. (The funk gets funkier.) Right now I don't have an answer. None of this is easy and the weight is coming off slower than the last diet that I was on. I am trying to remind myself that I have always been a "champion loser", but keeping it off has been impossible. Always gaining it back with friends, this tool is to stop the cycle. Only time will tell. Maybe I am having delayed after surgery depression? ;) Can that happen 3 months later?


Jessica said...

Actually, I think 3 months is when most people report the depression. Don't lose focus of how well you've done! It's normal to be in a funk -- especially if it's TTOTM.

Serena said...

Even since I dropped exercise two weeks ago I haven't been able to get restarted either.

The only way I can eat chicken breast is if I cooked it in chicken broth in the crock pot, otherwise it is too dry and the same thing you describe happens to me.


Jessica said...

You both are scaring me! Chicken is my absolute favorite. Oh no. what will I do without my chicken??? Anything, just not my chicken.

liz said...

Coming out of lurking - have been reading your archives today. Congrats on what I think is a fantastic weight loss in just over three months. I was banded 1/24/06 and appreciate your insight and documenting your journey.

I wanted to comment on your funk - I was anticipating post-surgery funk right away, but now that I'm about 6 weeks in, I'm realizing that it's not hard right now. It'll be harder after a fill or two - and THAT'S probably when I'll hit the funk. I think those fills really force us to have a reality check. Plus, the "thrill" of the surgery is over and the real work begins.

Thanks again for blogging about your journey.