Sunday, February 05, 2006

Attitude Adjustment Needed!

Yep, I definitely need an attitude adjustment. I am not working out enough. I worked out today and yesterday, but other than that I have been making up excuses. Nope, not really even making excuses, just not going.

I am also struggling with eating. I am just NOT hungry. I know, what a problem to have, right? But as I have posted before, if I don't eat a minimum of 1000 calories, then I don't lose.

And don't forget the water - I haven't been hitting my 8 glass minimum either.

Yes, an attitude adjustment is needed. I honestly didn't think this would be a problem until I could fit into all of the clothes in my closet. I'm not even to that point yet.

I am posting this to get it all out there. I HAVE to do better. I did NOT pay all of this money to not get to my goal. So, I am drawing a line in the sand right now!

  • I will drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water per day.
  • I will workout a minimum of 4 times a week for 45mins per session.
  • I will eat all of my meals and get in 1000 calories.



Jessica - I'm glad you like reading my blog! Do you have a date yet for your banding? BTW - the pictures that I use are from trips to Maui.

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Jessica said...

Wow! I like the pictures even more knowing they are ones you took. I thought maybe they were Webshots or something. Very pretty! Great shots.

No, Monday the 13th is my last dietician appointment and then my surgeon will submit my paperwork to my insurance. So, hopefully, I will know something this month!

The first step in making change is recognizing you NEED to change. So many people are in denial. It's great that you recognize where you need to change and I know you will do it! Keep up the good work.