Saturday, February 18, 2006

A bit of a funk

It's TTOTM. It has kinda put me into a funk. The weather isn't helping either since it was 85 on Thursday and dropped to 40 on Friday. Today is even colder - like 28. Now don't get me wrong that is far from cold compared to places like the Midwest and I know that. It has just had a big effect on me. I don't want to leave the house and am curled up on the couch with a blanket. I highly doubt that I will make it to the gym today.

As far as yesterday, it was my 3-month bandiversary. With cramps and all, I didn't get to the gym. In fact, I was feeling like I was going to kill someone unless I satisified my cravings. So, I ate a pint - yes, a pint - of ice cream. I didn't eat much else, but still it wasn't really on the plan. It was a conscious choice and I didn't feel guilty at all. We'll see what effect the ice cream and the lack of exercise will have on the scale, but right now I just don't care. Told you I was in a much for the attitude adjustment.

I was reading a blog - honestly can't remember which one and it referenced this site that would make your blog into a word cloud. Mine is the pic on this post. Kinda interesting. If you'd like to do yours, click here.


Serena said...

It is cold here too and I HATE it. brrrrr

I like the word cloud. coolness


Jessica said...

I totally understand. The wind chill is -15 here today and I don't feel like going anywhere!!

You'll get back on track.. Tomorrow is a new day.

Jessica said...

Oh, I have to tell you I made the Taco Soup today and the whole family absolutely loved it! Thanks for posting it.