Monday, February 27, 2006

Holy Falling Garage Doors!

I got the crap scared outta me! I came home and pulled the car in the garage because the neighbor behind me had his car broken into the other night. Well the garage door made a bunch of noise when it was going up, but lately it has seemed to do that (huh, this should have been a clue). Pulled the car in and pressed the button to close it.

It went down part way and then went back up, but not all the way. First I figured the cat had gone out because it is a nice day and there is that auto sensor thing. Then I looked and said to self, "hmmmm, don't think that is it. The door isn't all the way up." So, of course I figure well I will just release it and close the door manually and call someone to come take a look at it.

Yeah me on this one - I decided I would go ahead and pull the car out before I close the garage in case I can't get it back up (again, a yeah me on this one). I then released the garage door from the opener thing -- sorry, it's not like I know the technical name for this stuff, especially 'cause if I did I wouldn't have messed with it. I start pulling on the door (hello dummy!!! it's not moving very easily - hint, hint). I keep pulling and then all hell breaks loose!

One part of the door comes down, the other is up, roller thingies fall off, it looks like the actual door is falling apart (!), and the top part starts falling IN. I freak and jump outta the way. The door stays hanging there and I am totally freaked out!

Turns out that a couple months ago I had the garage door guy out here, because my stupid cat ate the wires (seriously) on the sensor things and they needed to be fixed. So I only had to dig for about 10 mins (yes, the house is messy) instead of 45. I find the number and call the garage door guy. I say, "I am having a garage door emergency." That is really what I said. The cats have a door into the garage to do their business and I can't leave the house with the garage door open -- work now becomes an issue.

I describe to him the best I can what happened and I am thinking - holy crap, this is going to cost a ton o' money. Luckily, he heads right out this way. It is still light out because I left work early to go to the gym (more on that later). He takes a look and I say, "how bad is it?". He just says, "All ya gotta do is pay me 129 bucks." Me: "Really?" Him: "Really". Me: "Well all righty then, I am one happy camper."

He goes on to explain that what happened is his most common call. The garage door came off the tracks and everything gets discombobulated (I love that word and that I got to use it in my blog!). He replaced a roller, pushed the rail thingies back into place, sprayed some lubricant on things, and voila - working garage door!

Whew! I am sooo relieved. Although, I could have used the excuse to stay home tomorrow! ;)

As far as the gym, welllll didn't make it there this weekend. And not making it tonight either. It is too late now.


Jessica said...

Oh my gosh -- what a day! I am glad it got fixed without anyone or car getting hurt!

Serena said...

I am so glad it didn't fall on you or your car and that it ended up being relatively cheap to fix.