Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Will it happen???

Yep, I cheated. I stepped on the scale yesterday - or the day before - can't quite remember and was 200 lbs. BUT it wasn't my official weigh in day - that's tomorrow. I will be pleased to weigh in at 200 and will be happy with that, but will be ecstatic if I weigh in under 200!!!

I can tell that I have lost weight. I didn't feel like I had lost, but now I can feel it. It is a great feeling.

I worked out 4 times last week and on my way to the same this week (twice so far). I have been hungrier, so again I am starting to think about getting a fill. But I don't want to get one unless I really really need it. This is a bit of a different approach from posts I read on the Yahoo! boards, but seems to be working for me. I do not plan to get a fill until I am not losing any weight or I am starving---OK, maybe starving is a bit of an exaggeration :)

Well, I have been thinking about how much 'stuff' I should put out here. It would be more interesting for anyone reading if I put more, I think. So, here is the story that has been bugging me and will maybe get outta my head if I put it here...

On Saturday night, I went out with a guy friend of mine. Seriously, he is a friend -- he's gay ;). Anyway, I have not been drinking for obvious reasons. Well I had a couple glasses of wine. Needless to say it hit me pretty hard because I haven't been drinking. A guy I used to see was there. We didn't exactly part on good terms. Well, the liquid courage set in and interesting conversation ensued. In the end though he did apologize for lying - that is my pet peeve. Nothing will ever happen between us again - it was just nice to clear the air.

But as the conversation went on, this guy started throwing 'his friend' under the bus. This friend is also my friend, so I started getting mad. This other friend was out with his girlfriend - romantic evening and all. I knew that. But did that stop me from calling him? Uh no. Me and the friend I went out with CONTINUED to call him SEVEN times. Bwaaaa. This did not go over well. As everyone knows: drunk dialling is NOT a good thing.

So the next day we felt bad. My friend was mad at me of course. I think he is starting to get over it. Lesson - STEP AWAY FROM THE PHONE!:)

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Rhonda said...

I am interested in knowing a normal food intake for you. I think I am having the same issue with not eating enough. I had surgery 11/2 and have lost a total of 28 lbs but I have been there for 2 weeks now. I am on my 2nd fill and will get another one on 1/26. I started at 247 and I am at 219. I am trying to figure out what is going wrong. May I also include your link on my blog site.
I find it difficult on finding food that works well for me. like you said from day to day it will change.