Wednesday, January 25, 2006


**Thanks for the comments Rhonda and Jessica!**

Everything was A-OK. They did a fluoro with me standing up to check the position of my band and it was right where it was supposed to be. I then did a barium swallow and it just whooshed on through! What a relief!

I figured while I was there that I might as well ask if I could get a fill to avoid having to make another trip. Since everything looked OK and they saw how the barium went on through they said yes. I asked for a small one as I had lost well between fills (9.4lbs), but eating a tad bit more than recommended and getting a bit more hungry between meals.

As I’ve said before, I plan to ‘get away’ with as few fills as possible. Not that I am trying to be the hero or trying to diet, but want to increase restriction only when I need it. I know that I will need it eventually and will ride the wave until I get to that point.

Here’s the specifics on my fills:
1st fill – 1.2cc – 12/21
2nd fill – 1.8cc – 1/25
Loss between fills (using doctor scale): 9.4lbs (1.88lbs per week average)

Today was my official weigh in day. Not good news. Up .5 lbs. Why? I attribute this to less exercise and not drinking all my fluids. I also don’t think it is a ‘real’ weight gain. There is no way that I ate 1750 calories above and beyond what my body needs to maintain my current weight. What to do? Get my exercise in, drink enough fluids, and eat my meals as planned. Next week will be better.

Official weigh in stats:
Starting weight: 234lbs
Current weight: 199lbs
Overall loss: 35lbs

Unofficial weigh in stats – doctor’s scale:
Starting weight: 234lbs
Current weight: 202.2lbs
Overall loss: 31.8lbs


Jessica said...

That's good to hear that nothing was wrong. Thanks for posting!

Rhonda said...

Thanks for the update and I am glad it was nothing serious. I go for a fill today as well.