Monday, January 02, 2006

I Did It!

Yeah me! I went to Jazzercise tonight. I didn't want to, but knew that in the end that I would feel good about going. So just got myself dressed and off I went.

It's back to work tomorrow. It is the first day back for me since my first fill. (I was off on vacation.) Lunch should be interesting. I have a hard time sitting there while others are eating without continuing to pick at my food. I am going to HAVE to break that because it always leads to eating a bite too much and then...GOLFBALL!

I'm going back with my hair 'all did' and 31 pounds (unofficially - Wednesday is weigh in day) less. Should be interesting to see if I get any reaction to either. I think the weight loss will depend on what I am wearing. Oh well, not gonna worry about that. People will eventually notice :) --- people will definitely notice the hair though ;)

Overall my calories are still a bit low. I think I got in 1000 today if I'm lucky --- but that is pretty good. But I think being on vacation is a contributing factor to this issue and will be fixed when I go back to you might be wondering? Welllllllll, I have been sleeping in so late (sometimes til noon!!!) there just aren't enough hours to get the food

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