Friday, December 30, 2005

Down 4 more!

Christmas was uneventful. I stayed home and enjoyed my alone time. Wednesday was my official weigh in day and I was down another 4 pounds. I'm at 204. Plan to be under 200 by the end of January if not before.

I have had a couple PB experiences. If/when I am totally honest with myself, I think I am testing my band now and then. Kind of like - how small a bite do I need to eat? do I really need to chew so much? etc. Not good. I need to adjust my attitude on that and stick to what I know works and doesn't work.

I purchased my Jazzercise membership. I will start next week. I had thought I might start this week, but that was not a goal. I am on vacation and am enjoying the time off and doing whatever I feel like doing --- which hasn't been a lot of anything! :) Although, I have seen a ton of movies - The Family Stone, Rumor Has It, King Kong, and Fun with Dick and Jane. I can't say any of them were 'excellent'. The Family Stone and Rumor has it were both cute. King Kong --- looooong - in fact, I nodded off during part of it - overall, it was OK. Fun with Dick and Jane -- maybe I just wasn't in the mood, but it wasn't that great. Enough of the movie reviews!

I am having a hard time remembering what and when I'm eating - I know hard to believe! I think that I will start tracking that on here as well, so some days there might just be entries of that and nothing more. We'll see how that goes...

30 pounds down
Hunger - minimal - have to remind myself to eat most of the time (lucky me!)
Restriction on board
6 weeks post op - Today!
Diet - Whatever - make good choices

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