Tuesday, December 20, 2005

First Fill Tomorrow!

December 16 was four weeks post-op for me. Time has flown by. If only the weight could drop off as quickly! Tomorrow is my first fill. I am not scared of the fill per se, but I am scared about my port. Why?...

I had posted quite some time ago that I swore I had damaged my port by stretching in the middle of the night -- while I sleep. Although I keep telling myself it is highly unlikely that I damaged it, I still think it is a possibility. I guess I should be relieved that I will find out once and for all if it is OK or not. I'll try.

What is next for me? Well, I am almost at six weeks. That is the timeframe that I am giving my port to scar/heal into my muscle before I go back to aerobics. December 30 is six weeks. Isn't that hilarious? Right in time for me to join all the ohter people back at the gym for New Year's resolutions. Fine with me. That way I will just blend in. (I'll be doing Jazzercise in the morning before work.)

26.5 pounds down (Unofficial - weigh in on Wednesday - Just couldn't stand it!)
Hunger - at mealtime - just try to ignore in between
No restriction - except first thing in the morning which was proved by my PB experience
4 weeks 5 days post op (I am going to quit tracking this at 6 weeks)
Diet - Eating regular foods! yipppeeee!

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