Saturday, December 17, 2005

Oh the Golfball!

Well, I have been touting how I don't have any restriction and I think that because of that I was ignoring 'the rules' --- or at least not following them as closely as I should.

I woke up this morning and was HUNGRY! I had some leftover salmon and as gross as it sounds, I thought that would be a good breakfast. Grabbed in out of the fridge and started eating. This was the first time I had eaten any solid food first thing in the morning.

Two things in hindsight - eating too fast and bites were too big. Wham! It hit. A golfball in the middle of my chest. I knew I was in trouble. I figured the best line of attack was not to fight whatever was going to happen next.

The golfball just kept sitting there and sitting there. I knew it was going anywhere, but coming back up. Sure enough, PB. Unfortunately it had to happen a couple times before all of it was out of me. The slime was there as well. TMI, but I want to get all of this down.

Moral of the story: I have restriction in the morning and I have to follow the rules!

And there are more rules, rules when you PB...

  • Some degree of vomiting or regurgitation may occur after you eat (no duh)
  • This may indicate you are: eating too fast (yep), trying to eat too much, not chewing your food adequately (yep), or eating the wrong foods
  • Every person is different and some foods may give you provlems and not others. Avoid those foods that give you problems (no duh)

So what am I supposed to do?

  • If you vomit solid food

    • Stay NPO (no food or liquid by mouth) for two hours
    • Do not force the issue and try to eat or drink again immediately
    • This may induce more vomiting. The more you vomit the more swelling that may occur across your band. This may lead to further obstruction.
    • After two hours try solid food again

  • If you vomit again

    • Stay NPO (no food or liquid by mouth) for four hours
    • After four hours try water only
    • If you can tolerate water stay on clear liquids for 12 hours before trying solid food again.

  • If you can't tolerate clear liquids or water without voiting notify the doctor immediately
  • Prolonged vomiting (more than 12 hours) is not normal - Call the doctor immediately

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