Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Damn Port! First Fill. Weigh In.

Well I was right and was hoping I was wrong. My port is on its side. They said that it is OK and that for right now they can work with it as it is. Hopefully this will continue to be the case. Needless to say, I am a little irritated.

Lots of stuff to report today...

Official weigh in (my scale) - 208! Down a total of 26 lbs. Doctor's scale - different as expected - 211.6. As I said, because my clothes will vary and also the time of day and I won't be able to weigh in once a week, I consider this my unofficial weigh in.

I got my first fill - amount was 1.2cc. Here's the story...

Showed up at Surgery Center of Richardson - commonly referred to as SCOR. I call it a 'fill mill'. All they do is fills and they do it for many surgeons. This will become important in a minute.

Checked in. Gave them my Driver's License and got forms to complete in return. Of course one was HIPAA, another was some type of standard form about emergency contact information, and the last was what I will refer to as an 'assessment'. I think that is what they call it, but can't remember for sure. It simply had questions about diet, exercise, etc. and you take it with you to the next step.

I didn't wait long at all and they called my name. A guy took me back - nurse I assume. He told me to turn the scale on. I'm looking at him like 'what the hell? I'm new here - what are you talking about?' I figured it out on my own and stepped on after removing my shoes and my sweater. As stated previously, weighed heavier than at home, but ignoring that. Then I was standing there and he was like 'oh you can sit down'. How the heck am I supposed to know that.

He proceeds to take vitals - blood pressure, temp, etc. Asks me if I have had any problems - told him about the PB and the salmon. During this time, we overhear another nurse saying that she is going to lunch. He said, 'last one to show up and first one to go to lunch'. Then he said he shouldn't have said that. No kidding.

So, next thing I know he is telling me that his mom found out that his step father is cheating on her. HELLO? And that he has been up late all week helping his mom move. Now seriously, do I care? Is that pertinent to my checkup? At least it explains what was not a very good experience. Maybe I won't have him next time.

On to the x-ray room. Go in and there are 3 people in there. They don't introduce themselves or anything. Just tell me where to put my purse and to get up on the table. This time I said something. I told them it was my first fill (read the paperwork!) and they were like 'oh ok'.

Told them I thought something was up with my port and sure enough there was. It's on its side instead of flat. No worries for now though.

One lady was really nice - she was telling me she was going to sterilize the area, etc. Then the next lady is coming at me with a needle. Didn't say anything or what it was for. Lucky for me, none of this stuff bothers me --- that is why the fill mill didn't bother me when I was looking around. Assumed it was the numbing stuff and it was. Hardly a prick and I didn't have any stinging at all. No big deal.

Now ready for the fill. Another needle. No pain, but there was some weird pressure as she was getting the needle in there. Asked her how much she put in and it was 1.2cc. Done!

Next was meeting with the patient advocate. Saw some good pics of what happens if you overeat - stretched pouch. Then we went over the tips. Moral there is to eat only 4-6 ozs at a time and if I need a snack inbetween meals to have one. Just make it healthy. (I personally think they should have handouts that provide examples of what good snacks are, but I can figure it out.)

Then I sat around in the waiting area for 30 mins sipping water. They do that to make sure you aren't too tight. No problem. No restriction at all. Just kept drinking, since it is toward my daily total and all. NOW the bad news. Clear liquids for 3 days. Not Phase 1 diet, but clear liquids!!! (I called and verified with the surgeon's office). After that 3 days of mushies. Then on to regular food - that is when I will know if I have any restriction.

In summary, the overall experience was OK. BE SURE TO STATE YOU ARE HAVING YOUR FIRST FILL (a little late for that for me, but maybe it will help others).

Here's the sheet I got...Tips from Inamed


  1. Eat only small meals (four to six ounces = 1/2 to 3/4 cup)
  2. Cut food into small, dime-size bites. Eat only one bite at a time. Chew thoroughly and swallow carefully
  3. Stop eating as soon as you feel full
  4. Do not drink while eating
  5. Eat only quality, nutritious foods. Remember protein first!
  6. Avoid white, starchy foods and fibrous boods with stalks
  7. Drink plenty of fluids during the day (eight 8oz glasses) unless contraindicated due to a medical condition
  8. Drink only low-calorie liquids
  9. Exercise at least 30 minutes a day, unless contraindicated due to a medical condition
  10. Call your surgeon, nurse practitioner, or SCOR if you have any problems, questions, concerns, vomiting, or are unable to keep down liquids.

These are general guidelines, but each patient is unique. Speak with your doctor or nurse practitioner if you have questions or are struggling with any of these guidelines.

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