Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Should yogurt require instructions?

After a weekend of too much food (not stellar choices) and about 2 or maybe it was 20 :) adult beverages, I am back on the wagon. I feel sluggish and "fluffy", but I expected to from all the crap I consumed. Nope, I didn't get on the scale. I just got up and went to bootcamp bright and early, I will get back to making more healthy food choices than not, and I will cut out adult beverages (during the week anyway).

I do think I've gained some weight in the past 3 weeks. My teeter totter just got a little off balance. I don't feel as lean and a skirt that fits well (as in no spare room at all) feels a bit snug. But I am sticking with where I want to be in maintenance at this point and not getting on the scale. I know what I need to do to get the fluff off and will just tip the teeter totter the other way for a bit without any extreme action or freak out. And honestly, it feels good, really good...and weird to say that too! Now for some thoughts on yogurt...

I think Fage is the best Greek yogurt on the market. Yep, it's expensive, but many times I can find it on sale and I just load up. I grew up on Greek yogurt so "normal" yogurt is runny to me and grosses me out. I have been excited about the Greek yogurt hype as it has made it readily available without having to go to a "special" store. Drum roll for the whammy....

BUT I HATE the fruit thing!!! Seriously, I can't get all the fruit out and it's a pain in the a$$ to mix in to the yogurt in that little side thing. I guess it's the purist attitude that the yogurt maintains it's integrity and all that, but seriously??? And guess what? I am such an idiot I didn't even realize that you were supposed to pour the fruit from one side to the other. Was I the only one?
OK maybe I am, but it doesn't work well---at least for me, so maybe it's user error, but I don't think so. And I am still left scraping the fruit out and trying to mix it in the other side. And get this, look at the side of the container. There is a "suggestion" to "Please Do Not Stir". Have you tried the fruit alone? It's sweet---too sweet for me to have a glob with the yogurt unmixed.

And one more rant - why does it seem that the "exotic" flavors are in 0% fat and the "standard" are in 2%? I don't want blueberry something or other, I just want blueberry dang it!

I feel so much better now that I'm off to get one from the fridge. : )

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Cat said...

I haven't tried Fage yet. I have tried Chobani and Oikos. I may make a special effort to look for Fage this week at the grocery store.

Leslie said...

I don't buy Fage for the reason that you can't get all the fruit out and I had NO idea that you were supposed to pour it like that. Duh! Totally makes sense now.

Oh and I agree with you, all the flavors I want are in teh 2% catergory which is totally unfair.

MandaPanda said...

I can't seem to get my taste buds to agree to greek yogurt yet. Still working on this but it sounds too complicated for me! LOL.

Stacey said...

I never thought to put the fruit in that way, I just dug it out and mixed it in. My gripe is there is not really enough room to mix without it oozing over the sides.

My personal favorite is just the original with two splenda packets. It reminds me of cheesecake. Or it's been so long since I had cheesecake that I have tricked myself into thinking it tastes that way!

Beth Ann said...

Totally agree!! I have been getting the Chobani Champions for Kids because they are smaller portions and already mixed up. :) So easy! Love the Fage though, just kind of a pain in the butt.

Ronnie said...

I kind of have a Greek yogurt fear. Maybe I need to look into it if all of you guys are loving it. :)

speck said...

I love Fage yogurt.(I know I still don't pronounce it correctly!)

I love it when I find it on markdown at Kroger.