Monday, July 25, 2011

Me, a Grem1in?

This weekend my husband characterized me and my eating as a Grem1in. I'm all sweet and cuddly (he thinks so anyway) when I'm well fueled, but when I'm not, look out! The other one he has used is:

Yep, the hu1k. And, yes, both are even a bit true unfortunately. Normally I have a snack or two in my purse, but unfortunately sometimes I forget. At least he's getting that when I say I need to get something to eat that I'm not messing around!

It was a weekend packed full of events, but we did rent a movie Friday night - Limitless. We were actually surprised how good it was, so if you're looking for a movie this one might be worth checking out.

On Saturday it was "only" 100 (temp, no heat index)...and I was thankful for the break in the heat. It's strange how much those few degrees make a difference.
Weekly Round Up
  • 4 bootcamps
  • Calories: 2631


Anonymous said...

I wish my hubby would get it that when I have to eat, I have to eat soon.. I call him on my way home from work (it takes me an hour and 15 to get home) and ask him to be ready if we are eating out. When I get home he is usually just about ready to step in the shower. he acts all confused when I get mad about it. Honestly. I eat lunch at noon and it is now 6 PM. I get grumpy AND if I get too hungry I eat too fast and you know what that means. Men. Mine is super thin and goes entire days without eating so he thinks I am just irrational and maybe I am.
Is Limitless the movie where he takes a pill or somethign and is suddenly super intelligent?

Beth Ann said...

My BFF is totally like that without food! :) The heat really could take it down a few notches. Really.

FitBy40 said...

Yup, I have hypoglycemia so I get it. Thankfully the high protein diet we're all on has helped even out my sugar levels but sometimes it just creeps up on me. Our 5 year old has it too so that has helped the rest o our family understand the importance. I think if it was just me, they would think it was no big deal!

Samantha said...

That is so me! If I'm hungry (thankfully not so much since the last fill) It's the end of the world until I eat. And hubby just doesn't seem to get it

Silverhairedgoddess said...

I think self talking is great - after all you know what is best for you, right :)