Monday, July 18, 2011


First, anyone that sits through the TEN hour class deserves a CHL license. There's about 20 mins of shooting and the rest is all class. And lunch, that time doesn't count as part of the ten hours either. With about 4 hours left, I started of me with a gun to my head. My husband caught me and started laughing. Turns out he felt the same way.

I passed the shooting part with no issue. The target was larger and the distances were much closer for the actual "test" than what I had practiced. So, I did well (for me anyway). My husband knocked it out of the park. There was one big hole in the center of the target and that was it. Showoff  :)

I zipped through the written test - as in so fast that I was done 10 mins or so before the next person - I figured I missed 1 or 2, but knew that it wasn't worth worrying about or straining my brain with the double negatives in the two I wasn't sure about. Yah, maybe not the best attitude, but let me just remind everyone TEN hours. Bottom line - I passed the entire thing and can move forward with applying for a license. I may or may not. It's TBD.

Miscellaneous thoughts:
  1. There are quite a number of risks with carrying a gun, but in reality they also apply to having and using a loaded weapon in your own home.
  2. In this state, since September 2007 you can have a loaded weapon in your vehicle without having a CHL. Eh, it's Texas. With or without it being legal, people that want to carry a loaded weapon were most likely doing so prior to 2007 anyway.
  3. Ten hours is a long day on one subject period. Especially if it isn't one that you are extremely excited about and you may in reality be attending the course because (a) it was 2 for 1 and (b) earned you a huge pile of brownie points with your husband (not that either of those apply to me or anything)
  4. There may have been some people in the class that may not have gotten the point of the class...use of a gun should be a last resort and to stop an imminent threat to your person that cannot be addressed otherwise. I stared at these people e during the last 4 hours to burn their images on my brain in case of any future encounters.  
  5.  My husband was beyond thrilled that I completed this course and did well...I see some new shoes in my future...which makes the ten hours not so bad.  : )
Fluffy out.


Justawallflower said...

Hahaha! I LOVE the picture! I have to say, I am very excited about the class! My husband is actually doing the class because it is something we can do together. It has been my idea all along. I sure he will definitely enjoy it as well, but it was never anything he pushed on me. I can't wait. I know what you mean about those that don't get the idea of using a gun as a last resort. I am a bit anxious about that. And I don't know if I will carry on me, but I like knowing I can. And definitely to have in the vehicle. Congrats to you on passing and doing so well!

Beth Ann said...

Hee hee! Bunny's with guns are funny. :)