Monday, July 11, 2011

Wellness Goals - 2nd Quarter Results

The heat is killing me! Boot camp at 5:30 in the morning has been easily averaging 85 degrees without even adding the humidity. 5:30 AM??? Ridiculous! But a good workout *sigh*. This is impacting my original goals, because I have embraced that I am not a hot weather runner. So, I have officially sidelined running until the weather cools down. I refuse to do something I hate it and that's OK.

1. Boot camps. Goal: 200 camps. Stretch Goal: 240.
  • So far: 115 camps
  • At the rate I am currently trending, I'll hit my goal and depending if I add any extra days when it cools down, I might hit my stretch. 
2. Training/Race Total Miles. Goal: 416 miles. Stretch Goal: 520 miles.
  • So far: 108.92 miles
  • HA - laugh with me. NOT hitting this goal. Unless I turn into F. Gump where he takes off. I would be happy if I hit 208 miles "ish" by the end of the year. I figure that by mid-September it might be cool enough where I feel like hitting the road again.
3. Half Marathon(s). Goal: 1. Stretch Goal: 2.
  • So far: 1 - Goal completed. : ) ... stretch goal - right now, I can tell you I have no interest. It could be because it is so dang hot here though and the thought of running a half is the last thing I want to do. It's possible that I could get one in before the end of the year *if* when the weather cools down I have some interest.
4. 5K or other races such as obstacle races. Goal: 3. Stretch Goal: 5.
  • So far: 1 5K completed; Signed up for: 1 obstacle and 1 5K. I should hit this goal. Stretch goal up in the air.
5. Calorie Burn. Goal: 130,000 Stretch Goal: 150,000 (note: this is only "dedicated" exercise)
  • So far: 87,044
  • This goal might be set too low. Even with the cut back in running, I should still hit the stretch goal. I'm going to have to revisit this one next year if I use it for setting goals again.
I am strangely OK with where I am at this point. With all my whining about the heat, it might seem like I should try to find something inside. But while the heat makes me whine, I still love boot camp and just have to suck it up. This is definitely personal growth for me. I really am not beating myself up about the running. I did push myself to do some runs to be sure, but once I was, I just was. The rest, I'm good with where I am so far. HA - at nearly 43 years old, I actually might be getting some of this stuff!


Lap Band Gal said...

Zumba is usually inside...nice and cool :)

Cat said...

So proud of you!! Great job with the boot camps! As for running, because I haven't done it, I know that the heat is probably a good reason to not do it, doing exercise shouldn't feel like a complete obstacle. It should be something that you enjoy or at least can get through. Good job recognizing and sidelining the running until it cools down!

Dawnya said... are a dang superstar in my book.

This Texas heat is not the business. Everytime I step out my door I want to cry.

Vanessa said...

YOU are a Rock Star! I heart Boot Camp too!!! You go!

Laura Belle said...

It's like walking through the flames of a blow torch here in KS. The power has gone off at work twice, I think relating to the god awful temps.

Just kill me now.

Beth Ann said...

Apparently, I signed up for the Too Hot To Handle then totally forgot. I was at the casino getting emails and when I finally read them, I was like oops... Doesn't matter, since I'm boycotting distance running in the heat too. Only my short CrossFit runs for now.