Friday, March 30, 2012

Wellness Goals - 1st Quarter Results (2012)

I've been tracking daily, but not doing the addition. My current way of doing it is very manual, so I finally took the time to use my fingers and toes to add everything up. Even though tomorrow is the end of my 1st quarter, I'm a rebel and posting it today!

1. Boot camps. Goal: 200 camps. Stretch Goal: 240.
  • So far 72 camps.
  • I had 58 at this point last year, so at this pace I should hit my goal. But there will be more off weeks and hopefully vacations(!) that will reduce the number in the next quarters. My husband going to camp has increased my camp number because days last year I only did my run I've done both. I can see that he's been very persuasive!
2. Training/Race Total Miles. Goal: 225 miles. Stretch Goal: 250 miles.
  • So far 194.4 miles. 
  • Well my running groove is back, but when the weather is nice I really enjoy it. I know I'll hit my goal easily, so I need to consider revising it. When I do, I need to be sure to factor in that I do not like running in the heat and not overcompensate. I'll have to look back at my log for last year to see what my mileage was like from April-December and figure out a new number
3. Half Marathons. Goal: 2. Stretch Goal: 3.
  • So far 1. 
  • No speed records were set, but ultimately it's all about finishing for me when it comes to this distance. I'm leaving this goal where it is.
4. 5K, 10K, 15K or other races such as obstacle races. Goal: 5. Stretch Goal: 7.
  • So far 5!
  • I've hit my goal, but as of right now there is only one more race that I'm planning to do, so I'm going to keep this goal where it is at least until next quarter.
5. Calorie Burn. Goal: 150,000 Stretch Goal: 170,000 (note: this is only "dedicated" exercise)
  • I'm ditching this! My daily watch was without a battery for over a month (Lazy? Why, yes.) and tracking it is a pain in the butt. There was no real use for the data last year and I'd mentioned that I might bail on it this year and I am! *cabbage patch*
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Cat said...

Fantastic way to check in on your progress for this first quarter. So glad to see you're on track with your running too.

Catherine55 said...

"Lazy" is not a way I'd describe you, watch battery slowness or not! Awesome progress toward your goals!!

MandaPanda said...

Wow! Your are kicking butt on those goals! Bravo!

Andrea said...

Good job!