Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wellness Goals - 3rd Quarter Results

This sums up the week so far:
Work has been eating my lunch. I had a fun weekend and miraculously took pictures, but I haven't had the time to mess with them. Eh, oh well, right? 

I was curious where I was against my wellness goals before leaving for Chi and since it was essentially the end of the quarter, I went ahead and did them. So, of the 5 major goals I set for myself, I've completed 3 of the 5. I will hit the camp goal, but my revised running target might still be a miss. That's OK though. I'll take 4 of the 5. : )

I can't believe it, but I should start considering my wellness goals for next year! Change them? Keep them the same? I'll just add that to my growing to do list for now.

Wellness Goals - 3rd Quarter Results

1. Boot camps. Goal: 200 camps. Stretch Goal: 240.
  • So far: 176 camps
  • At the rate I am currently trending, I'll hit my goal! And, likely surpass it.
2. Training/Race Total Miles. Goal: 416 miles. Stretch Goal: 520 miles. Revised: 208 miles.
  • So far: 132.02 miles
  • I already knew I wasn't going to hit the original goal since I sidelined running pretty much entirely for the summer. Last quarter I had said I'd be happy if I hit 208 miles "ish" by the end of the year, but my running wasn't much this quarter. At this point, hitting my revised goal might be aggressive, but who knows.
3. Half Marathon(s). Goal: 1. Stretch Goal: 2.
  • So far: 1 - Goal completed. : ) ... stretch goal - remains a maybe, but thinking no.
4. 5K or other races such as obstacle races. Goal: 3. Stretch Goal: 5.
  • So far: 2 5K's  and 1 obstacle - goal completed. : ) A couple maybe 5K's, an obstacle, trot, etc. so it's possible that I might hit my stretch here, but I'm good with just hitting the goal.
5. Calorie Burn. Goal: 130,000 Stretch Goal: 150,000 (note: this is only "dedicated" exercise)
  • So far: 130,036
  • Yep, this goal was set too low. I should easily hit the stretch goal and will need to revisit this one next year if I use it for setting my goals again.
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Beth Ann said...

You ROCK!! I needed to channel you this morning when I crawled back into my warm, comfy and dry bed instead of going to CF. :)

Jacquie said...

Yes, you do rock my dear! What so you use to track your calories? I have not exercised since Chicago as I've been sick since then (pneumonia) and feel like crap!

Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...


Lap Band Gal said...

Wow! :) How do you track your calorie burn?

Maria said...

That is awesome! And I think that picture is going to give me nightmares!

Cece said...

Very cool stats ...

Ronnie said...

Dang, this is freakin' awesome, Fluff. You're doing sooo well. :)

Justawallflower said...

Wow, this is awesome! You will definitely need to redo your calories for next year. Such an inspiration!