Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Review: Detour Lower Sugar Bar


To do my part to ensure that vendors continue to contribute to b00bs, I will now and then be doing some product reviews of the items that we received in the swag bags. We received the product for free and are not being compensated for our reviews---regardless this is a no fluff zone, so my opinion good or bad is also provided free of charge. :)

What I did like:
  • It is visually appealing (probably cause it looks like a candy bar)
  • It's lower in sugar (than the other bars) and doesn't have any Trans Fats or High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • The chewiness of it was pretty good.
What I didn't like so much:
  • The ingredient list is mind numbingly long. I didn't read them, but anything with a list that long is far from natural.
  • While it looks like a candy bar, I don't expect it to taste like one as it is a protein bar after all, but I didn't like the after taste.
  • It doesn't have Trans Fats, but it does have Saturated Fat (Boo).
  • Looking at the nutrient stats - it's just not very impressive.
Fluff Bottom Line: I'd eat it again if it was free, I was hungry, and there wasn't anything else handy. My guess is that the price point is high enough that I could find an alternate bar that I'd prefer.


Ronnie said...

I completely agree. I didn't hate these, but after looking them up on the site and seeing how expensive they were I'm not going to buy them!

Cat said...

Great review! Thanks Fluffy!

MandaPanda said...

Thanks for the honest review!

FitBy40 said...

Funny, I buy these by the case at Costco! I've tried so many protein bars, some that have less than desirable side effects, and some that taste like chalk. This one seems to do the trick and gives me 15 grams of protein after a great work out at the gym.
They are pricey if you don't have a warehouse membership. I don't think I'd buy them if I had to pay full price.

Dawnya said...

Thanks for the review. I agree. The after taste was horrible.